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Naomi’s pick: Burgundy: 10 days, Dijon to Paris, on sale!

Naomi’s pick: Naomi’s dreaming of France, and Paris, and of exploring the countryside villages of timeless Burgundy from a river barge coasting the Saône River. But she’ll stay dreaming as Naomi has no annual leave left. However, she had found you an amazing package – [...]

March is polar month – specials to be had!

When Amundsen set off across the Arctic tundra, he didn’t get any last minute discounts, and probably had to carry a huge supply of seal jerky. But we’ve come a long way since then, and if you book your Arctic adventure in the month of [...]

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Fantastic having such kind, supportive and happy staff on Mt Meru & Mt Kili and a bonus much appreciated of our guides ability to spot/identify birds, animals and vegetation whilst on safari. Thanks Ray (our Australian Trek Leader) for an amazing experience doubtless made possible through meticulous planning and organisation.
Heather, Kilimanjaro Safari
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