An African Safari ‘Like no other’

At Back Track, Africa has always been one of our most loved travel destinations. We are happy and proud to offer the discerning traveller an African Safari experience that, from day one, is packed with exotic African Wildlife and breathtaking scenery. We are all about spending quality time in all the major areas to explore; not just pass through. We are committed to ensuring that all who join this Safari will be treated with a taste of the best Safari experiences that Africa has on offer. With a host team of three staff who love Africa, plus top-class accommodation, all meals, activities, gratuities and transport, you can relax and enjoy a carefree, journey with the uniqueness of our itinerary providing the magic. Just as an aside, we must advise you, that your escort team are always up for a fun time. Yes, escorting is our job, but it is a job we passionately enjoy. We will enjoy the adventure as much as you, and with you. Life is far too short, so we have selected ‘mischief and fun’ are our holiday motto. Also, we have tons of knowledge about the flora, fauna and history of the areas we visit, that we happily share. Join us in these wonderful countries in 2025. It will be a terrific holiday experience. One bucket list holiday you can circle on your calendar right now.