Southern & Mediterranean Europe

Southern & Mediterranean Europe

Southern and Mediterranean Europe entices travellers with its enchanting blend of ancient history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures. Immerse yourself in the romantic charm of Italy, with its iconic cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice. Explore the sun-soaked Greek islands and visit the legendary ruins of Athens. Indulge in the flavors of Spanish tapas in Barcelona or soak up the coastal beauty of the French Riviera. Experience the rich cultural heritage of Portugal, from the historic streets of Lisbon to the scenic beauty of the Algarve. With its warm climate, delicious cuisine, and remarkable sights, Southern and Mediterranean Europe offers a truly unforgettable journey.


Our journeys

Puglian Food Odyssey

Embark on a captivating journey through three exquisite regions in South Eastern Italy. Explore Puglia's stunning Adriatic coastline, iconic dry stone huts, and delectable cuisine. Discover Basilicata's towns carved into sandstone cliffs,…

Sicilian Food Odyssey

Our Sicilian Food Odyssey adventure is a sensory journey of flavours, smells, and colours derived from markets and producers, mingled with the beautiful village-scapes, and the history of the region.