Cooking Classes in Italy

Best locations to do a cooking class in Italy

There is no better way to immerse yourself in the heart of Italy than by undertaking a cooking class to create authentic dishes – it’s a cultural journey that transcends taste. This hands-on experience will not only refine your culinary skills but connects you with the soul of Italian gastronomy. From kneading pasta dough, collecting ingredients from a local market, and savouring regional wines, you’ll discover that a cooking class is more than a lesson, it is a celebration of tradition and community.



Pasta experience in Bari

In Bari, Puglia, pasta is not just a dish; it’s a cultural cornerstone. Witness the artistry of locals handcrafting orecchiette in the narrow alleys—the heart of Bari’s culinary tradition. Join in and try your hand at making and shaping some pasta yourself. Practice makes perfect to get that traditional orecchiette shape, but in saying that it is supposed to be rustic, and the shape won’t affect the flavour! Whether enjoyed with rich sauces or simple olive oil, each bite is a connection to centuries of flavourful history and best washed down with a glass of locally grown Primitivo red wine.


Countryside cooking in Florence

Tuscany’s culinary tapestry weaves flavours of simplicity and sophistication. From the hearty warmth of ribollita (Tuscan bread soup) to the acidic, floral perfection of the locally grown ruby-red Chianti wine, each dish narrates tales of tradition. Visit a local farmhouse for the most authentic cooking experience; roll up your sleeves and learn to make Tuscan crowd-pleasers like tortelli (similar to ravioli), Florentine-style roast pork, or traditional stewed wild boar.


Local markets and homestyle cuisine in Ortigia

Ortigia, Sicily, is a gastronomic haven where traditional flavours meet the sea breeze, and its bustling markets boast the region’s cultural heritage with a fusion of bold spices and Mediterranean freshness. A journey to the local market gives you opportunity to sample the various Sicilian delights on offer: caponata, local olives, cured meats, fresh juices and arancini. A visit a local chef’s home gives you an authentic taste of local cooking. Using the fresh ingredients collected at the market, join in to produce local specialties of seafood, pasta and homemade arancini.


Cesarine community of home cooks in Matera

Italy’s Cesarine community preserves culinary legacies, offering authentic dining experiences in their own homes, including hands-on cooking classes. Where better a place to meet this community than in the town of Matera, where its culinary allure lies in its ancient simplicity and tradition. Join your Cesarine cook in their home and after a greeting and aperitif, under their expert guidance get to work on producing traditional dishes using quality, local ingredients, including bruschetta, fresh pasta and sporcamuss (traditional Matera dessert)


Engage with local chefs, learn pasta-making secrets, and savour the joy of crafting authentic Italian dishes in some of these locations (and more!) on our Sicilian Food Odyssey and Puglia Food Odyssey culinary adventures. Led by our very own Matteo, the tours have been designed to combine gastronomy, culture, and his culinary expertise for an unforgettable experience!

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