Your Trip, Your Way – why we love tailor-made travel

While some people love the safety and security of organised group travel, others prefer to stretch their wings and explore on their own terms.  There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to work with a travel professional to tailor make your dream holiday, and these are just a few:


Leanne has travelled to all seven continents, so ask her anything. The  countries she has been to most recently are Uganda, Cambodia and India. Her favourite holiday is anywhere in South America!

1. Explore at your own pace

Organised group tours are designed to hit the highlights of a destination and tick as many boxes as possible in a set period of time.  

Tailor-made travel allows you to not only pick and choose what you see and do, but also how long you spend seeing and doing it.  Perhaps you’d like to spend a few extra days exploring the galleries of the Louvre, or you’d like to extend your stay at that African camp to maximise your chance of wildlife spotting. 

However long you have, a tailor-made itinerary will be designed to fit perfectly.

2. Reassurance and independence

Tailor-made itineraries combine the best of both worlds. 

An incredible trip planned by a travel professional with years of expertise, knowledge and personal experience, and the back-up of knowing that should you need them, they’re only a phone call away.

At the same time, you’re free to explore each location as you see fit and on your own schedule.  Choose to have an English speaking guide or let loose with Google Translate and have fun chatting with the locals.


3. Organised flexibility

The best type of oxymoron. 

You might be the type of traveller who likes to jump on public transport to get from the airport to your hotel, or perhaps you’d rather have a driver waiting for you. 

Have each day planned with sightseeing options or ask us to get you to a place and then leave you to it for a few days.

Be as organised or as flexible as you prefer – it’s as you wish.


Guatemala bus

4. Control over your budget

Most of us only have a set amount of money to spend but might be travelling to celebrate a special occasion, or you might have your heart set on a certain luxury hotel.  On a tailor-made itinerary you don’t have to keep to the same standard every night.  Perhaps you want to economise in certain places so you can indulge in a highlight stay (feeding giraffes from your bedroom at Giraffe Manor anyone?).

Giraffe Manor

If you are looking for more inspiration to design your next tailor-made trip, the team at Back Track would love to help. There is really no limit to where you can go and what you can do! Contact us to bring your dream itinerary to life.


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