Why you should visit a destination more than once

There are almost 200 countries in the world, and for many people, we want to see as many as we can. But sometimes, the temptation to turn a blind eye to the bucket list is stronger than the desire for the new. Need some convincing to revisit an old favourite? Here’s five.

Share it with a loved one

Travel is a joy – whether you’re on your own or with someone else. But sharing a destination you adore with a loved one – whether it be a partner, a family member or a friend, is something special. Especially when they fall in love with it too. But be wary – sometimes they might not share your love for it too, and that’s okay.

Explore a new neighbourhood

Big cities like London, New York, Mexico City and Buenos Aires offer more than just the well-known highlights. After you’ve ticked off the main stuff the first time around, you can head back for the second time to explore a different neighbourhood or area. It’ll give you a chance to get off the tourist track and see the “real” city.

Experience the changes in the city

The world we live in is constantly evolving, with places changing all the time. Returning to a once-loved city after a period of time will give you a chance rediscover it again, while still maintaining the charm that attracted you there in the first place. You’ve probably changed in that time too, so it will almost feel like you’re visiting for the very first time, but with the feeling of greeting an old friend.

Do it in style!

Maybe the first time you visited a destination, you were on a pretty tight budget. Returning to that particular city later in life with more cash flow gives you a chance to dine at those nice restaurants instead of eating at the supermarket, visit attractions you couldn’t afford to do last time and stay in a more convenient location. The satisfaction of ticking off those last few things while reminding yourself why you loved the city in the first place is unbeatable!

REALLY get to know the city

Visiting a big city for a week is often not near enough time to get under the skin of anywhere. There are unique views to discover in every city, and most don’t reveal themselves right away. Learn from the lessons of last time and view the city in a different way – maybe stay in a different area or explore the city in a different way. There’s always something new to discover waiting just around the corner, it’s up to you to go and find it!  

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