Which Nepal Trek is Right for You?

Back Track Adventures started out with a love of trekking in Nepal 35 years ago.  You could say we are addicted.  Addicted to those almighty mountains, the people, the culture, the serenity and the never-ending views.  You now get to reap the rewards of our obsession and be secure enjoying your travels to Nepal knowing that we have expertly designed each and every trek to ensure your enjoyment, acclimatisation and interaction.


Everest Base Camp & Gokyo Lakes

This is the trek for you if: You really want to sink your teeth into the Nepalese Himalayas

Always wanted to tackle Everest Base Camp but wanted to do it away from the crowds?  Wanted to do it safely and actually enjoy the trek without the altitude worrying you too much?  Well, this is the trek for you.   Not only do you get to tick Everest Base Camp off your list, but you also get to see the most beautiful Gokyo Valley.  Seeing the sun rise up behind the peak of Everest as the 5 glacial lakes below sparkle in the early morning sunlight… we still get goosebumps just thinking about it.  So many of our past Back Track clients, as well as trek leaders, rate this as their number one favourite view. Our Australian Trek leader is there to take care of you and the team throughout the journey so you can just enjoy, relax and put one foot in front of the other….easy!?


Everest High Passes

This is the trek for you if: You want to challenge yourself

Are you ready for your next challenge?  Our Australian Trek leader takes you on this journey across not one but 3 passes encountering some of the most beautiful yet rarely seen views towards Everest and the majestic 8000mtr peaks of the Nepal Himalaya.   Sounds daunting?  Definitely not, we’ve got your back.  Here at Back Track Adventures we tailor-make our itineraries for our clients, to ensure you have the most enjoyable trek and best acclimatisation all at the same time.   You won’t find the same balance of challenging, acclimatising and fun anywhere else.  This trek has it all – A journey on the paths less travelled, Everest Base Camp and a bunch of intrepid teammates to tackle this challenging adventure with you.


Manaslu Base Camp & Lakya La

This is the trek for you if: You want to escape on an all-inclusive trekking adventure

For the first time in almost 30 years, we are heading back to explore Manaslu Base Camp, the eighth highest mountain in the world.  We have included everything on this trek – Australian Trek Leader, all meals whilst trekking, experienced local trekking crew, tips, Kathmandu tour, welcome dinner and so much more.  Our Australian trek leader will be there to share the experience and look after everything so you can just enjoy the sights to be found on this challenging, remote, high altitude trek.


Annapurna Community Lodge Trek

This is the trek for you if: You’re just as keen about cultural interaction as you are the trekking

If you’ve never been to Nepal, but want to experience it all – culture, mountain views, trekking and village life – this is the trek for you! Our Annapurna Community trek has been developed as a way to give back to the local community in Nepal as well as explore the highlights of the Annapurna region. It traverses through several local villages who derive income from trekkers, encouraging the growth of their local economy, and provides amazing cultural exploration and interaction for you. It diverges from the traditional Annapurna routes to ensure you stay away from any roads and enjoy the paths meandering through the surrounding nature.


Everest Base Camp 

This is the trek for you if: You’re a little time poor but need to tick Base Camp off your list

Is Everest Base Camp on the top of your bucket list?  Can you only get a short time off work?  Well never fear we are here to take you on a safe, fun and beautiful trek to reach the amazing heights at Base Camp of 5,364mtrs.  Make your mates jealous and tick that this one off the list in record time – without sacrificing extremely essential acclimitisation days that will ensure both your health and enjoyment during the trek.

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