Unusual Things You Can Only Do In Japan

If you’re looking for a holiday destination with a completely different culture to that here in Australia, look no further than Japan. Different food, customs, cultural rituals and interests are what sets Japan apart, and the joy of visiting this wonderful country is the chance to try something new! Here are our favourite unique and unusual things you can only do in Japan!


Robot Restaurant

The Japanese are famous for their affinity for technology, and this dinner-and-a-show combination is the perfect reflection of that. Warring 10-foot robots fight each other with dancers in sparkly outfits and laser beams, all to a boppy, upbeat soundtrack. The whole show goes for approximately 90 minutes. We suggest eating before or afterwards, as the food is a little underwhelming and the Shinjuku area of Tokyo, where the show is located, is full of great restaurants. We guarantee you’ll never see anything like it.


Mario Kart on the street

Flickr / Liz Mc

Do have a need for speed or perhaps an overwhelming desire to try and Tokyo drift? MariCar in Japan offer go-karting around the streets of Tokyo for a unique and fun way to see the city. Dress up in your favourite super hero or video-game character, put on music you like through the speakers, and cruise around Japan in go-karting style. However, you’ll need to have an international driver’s licence for this one.


Professional Sumo Match

The sport of Sumo wrestling is Japan’s national sport and has been played for centuries. What started as a means of entertainment for Shinto deities still lives on today, and there are plenty of opportunities to see a match on your trip. There are six tournaments across the year and the country, and they each go for 15 days. You have the choice of sitting on the floor (on a cushion) either ring-side or a little higher for the authentic experience, or on arena seats in the balcony. Lower-ranked wrestlers are on earlier in the day, and the higher-ranked perform mid to late afternoon. For a taste of true Japanese sports atmosphere, this should be on your list!


Vending Machines for EVERYTHING

According to Japanese vending machine manufacturers, there is approximately one vending machine per 23 people in Japan. That is a LOT of vending machines, considering Japan has a population of 126 million. They’re on nearly every block in Tokyo, instantly satisfying your needs and desires, no matter what they are. There are vending machines for everything from soft-drinks to ramen, from surgical masks to crepes, and even beer!

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