Traveller’s Tales: Ian & Lorraine

We are a retired couple that has travelled extensively both within Australia and overseas since 1972. We have now visited most of the countries that have been of interest to us and now look for more unusual experiences and events. Later this year we will be taking a small boat trip from Montreal to New York through the inland waterways and down the Hudson River with Blount Cruises. Number of Countries visited: 74 Aisle or window: Aisle Plane, train, boat or car: Any way Our last travel destination was: Iceland Our next travel destination is: UK & Europe Other than the basics (passport, bank card, etc), we never forget to pack: Good walking shoes We love to travel because: We have an insatiable appetite to see new places, cultures and experience cuisines First thing we do in a new city is: walk around the local area Worst place we’ve been lost was: Never lost, but temporarily misplaced in the Serengeti during a torrential rain storm and the Gran Sabana, Venezuela in the dark in a broken down 4WD Scariest places: Crossing Greek/Turkish border during the war in 1974, Train trip through East Germany in 1974, driving through the Khyber Pass from Afghanistan into Pakistan in 1974 and Caracas, Venezuela We can’t stop going back to: London and New York We’ve always wanted to go to: Wimbledon, Edinburgh Tattoo We’ve never wanted to go to: North Korea A place that surprised us was: South Africa and Japan A must-know phrase in every language is: Hello and thank you Our number one tip for travel is: Do it while you can

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