Traveller’s Tales: Gordon & Elizabeth

Some trips were for work (Antarctica for me) and I threw in a few marathons at times (Paris and Berlin) to keep us honest. Our travels have been a huge and continuing joy made so by the help of so many gorgeous people we have dealt with from Back Track Adventures like yourself. Number of countries visited: Elizabeth: 30 Gordon: 32 Aisle or window: E: Aisle but Window if in Business Class G: Window Plane, train, boat or car: All Our last travel destination was: Japan, Switzerland, France, Hong Kong. Our next travel destination is: Singapore and Japan Other than the basics (passport, bank card, etc), I never forget to pack: E: 4711 Eau de Cologne and Sunlight Soap. G: Chargers and country specific plugs We love to travel because: it opens up new places and experiences. First thing we do in a new city is: Try to get orientated in time and place Worst place I’ve been lost was: Never been lost We can’t stop going back to: Paris – we’ve done ten trips! We’ve always wanted to go to: E: Russia G: Iceland We’ve never wanted to go to:  We would go anywhere!! A place that surprised us was:  Helsinki Airport Finland A must-know phrase in every language is:  Thank you  Our favourite trip so far has been: E: Hurtigruten ship up the west coast of Norway G: Going on the Aurora Australis  (Australian Icebreaker) to Antarctica three times

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