Traveller’s Tales: Cherie

Cherie works as a physiotherapist in Brisbane and is in her 50s. She has always been passionate about travel and discovering new places. After returning from the standard but longer working holiday in the UK for almost 5 years, she has continued to travel and explore. Cherie’s present habit is learning Spanish for travel (of course) and also as an excuse to travel! Number of countries visited: 69

Aisle or window: Aisle. I love to stretch my legs!

Plane, train, boat or car: All of the above if it will get me there

My last travel destination was: Norway and Finland for the Northern Lights, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and London

My next travel destination is: Dubai, Geneva (for conferences) and the UK

Other than the basics (passport, bank card, etc), I never forget to pack: Music – I always enjoy music

I love to travel because: it is exciting to plan trips and enjoy new adventures

First thing I do in a new city is: Settle into the hotel and then go for a walk

Worst place I’ve been lost was: Recently in the snow at night- I completely lost my orientation

I can’t stop going back to: Yamba in Northern NSW- just love this place and South America to learn Spanish

I’ve always wanted to go to: Petra and the Galapagos Islands and another trip to the Greek Islands

I’ve never wanted to go to: On a very large cruise ship.

A place that surprised me was: Riga in Latvia- such an interesting old town

A must-know phrase in every language is: Hello please and thank you

My number one tip for travel is: Be prepared for things to go well as well as things to go wrong- Be flexible, enjoy the moment and go with the flow!

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