Top Ten Travel Destinations for 2019 – Recommended by Us!

2019 is fast approaching, and now is a fantastic time to start thinking about where you want to head next year. Deciding where to go can be incredibly difficult, so hopefully these recommendations from our experienced travellers will give you some ideas.

Leanne: Turkey

My top pick for 2019 is Turkey. Cities such as Istanbul and Ankara have been downgraded by Smart Traveller from “reconsider your need to travel” to “exercise a high degree of caution”, where it has been for several years. Both cities, are incredibly rich in history, culture and food – reflecting Turkey as a whole.


Naomi: Patagonia

Patagonia is my top pick for 2019. The natural environment, the sharp rocky cliffs and clear blue lakes are like nowhere else on the planet, making it a great area for trekking or just the perfect nature escape. And the fact I will be there in February probably doesn’t hurt, either!


Matt: Sicily

My pick would have to be Sicily in Italy. I took a trip there in October, and we ate our way around the whole island. The food, wine and classic Italian hospitality are fantastic. It’s been a month since I got back and I’m still not hungry yet!


Jess: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is my pick for next year. Just off the back of landing #3 on Lonely Planet’s 2019 Guide, Zimbabwe has plenty to offer, not just Victoria Falls. There are plenty of new camps and reserves opening, giving tourists more “off the beaten track” adventures to see the incredible African wildlife.


Marianne: Egypt

Egypt is my pick for 2019! A lot of the Middle East is becoming more accessible to tourists, and countries like Egypt, Oman and Jordan should definitely be on your list for 2019. I never thought I’d want to go back to Egypt, but I’m certainly thinking about it now!

Sarah: Georgia

My pick for 2019 is Georgia. For me, Georgia is an interesting mix of cultures, being on the cusp of Europe and the Middle East. The food looks delicious and the towns have a real old-world charm to them. And of course, it’s the birthplace of wine – why wouldn’t you want to go?!

Clare: Greece

My pick for next year is Greece. As an avid trekker and Europhile I am always on the lookout for a new path to explore, far away from the usual crowds of Europe. Never sure whether to stick with the mountains or to head to the coast, but with this trek we have it all! We get to enjoy the culture, history, beaches, waterfalls and of course the delicious food. Greece is ticking all the boxes for 2019!

Prue: Australian Outback

My trip recommendation for 2019 is the Australian Outback. In 2018, I did an Australian Desert Expeditions trek and it was my favourite walk I’ve ever done. It’s completely different from every other holiday I’ve had, and I loved walking with the camels. If you like animals and walking, I’d seriously recommend this trip!

Ray: Indian Himalayas

My current favourite destination is the Indian Himalayas. As a trekking enthusiast, this is my favourite place to go, because I love the combination of the local cultures and the incredible scenery of the Himalayas. Plus, the local food is fantastic as well. I’ll be back there in August and October if you’d like to join me on a trek!

Jim: Botswana

My pick for 2019 is Botswana. In my opinion, it’s one of the best places in Africa for wildlife viewing, thanks to the variety of connected ecosystems. You’ve got plain lands, rivers and swamps in close proximity, making for great viewing of herd animals like elephants, as well as all the big cats.

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