Solo Travel and loving it!!!

I’ve spent a lot of my life so far exploring the far-flung corners of the world and randomly I have done most of these travels on my own.  It may not have been what I originally set out to do but I have found that during these times of solitude I have experienced some of the most wonderful, fun, exciting, soulful, random experiences of all my travels.  


Sharing my table at dinner with two other solo travellers I’d met on the bus, we were invited to an exclusive Dance party in depths of Mexican rainforest around the Mayan site of Palenque.  Dancing under the stars with the spider monkeys and ancient ruins.


(unfortunatley having too much fun to take a night time pic ☹ but the memories fill me with joy!)

Travelling at my own pace in Spain I decided to follow a spur of a moment opportunity and went to work on a self-sustainable farm in the Andalucia region learning about renewable energy, organic farming, using ancient roman aqueducts, all whilst communicating in my pigeon Spanish!! 


Went for a walk in Norway, devoured wild blueberries along the way growing on the mountainside and then found this…

Going at your own pace is one of the obvious but big bonuses when travelling solo.  I like to take it nice and slow.  I like to discover hidden valleys, mountains and rivers on foot.  I like making unexpected stops when the mood takes me and just relaxing under a tree with a good book if I’m feeling weary.  That is my style which doesn’t suit everyone.  Travelling like this for me has enriched my life.  The people I have meet have changed the way I look at the world.  Given me more empathy, compassion, understanding. It does test your strengths and weaknesses but through this your confidence grows and you earn a better understanding of yourself in the process.

I cannot wait to continue to discover and experience these different cultures and traditions that open up my eyes up to wonder of our world.   Next I think is the Red Centre.  What about you? 

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