Preventing Lost Luggage

Master the Art of Stress-Free Travel: Savvy Strategies to Safeguard Your Belongings

Embarking on a journey should be a seamless adventure, but the anxiety of lost luggage can quickly turn excitement into stress. Fear not, fellow travellers! We’ve curated Back Track’s top tips of travel hacks to transform your next journey into a worry-free adventure.


Luggage Tags

Let’s start with the obvious—luggage tags. But not just any tags; opt for the bold and vibrant ones that stand out in a sea of generic labels making their way around every identical looking black suitcase on the baggage carousel. Identifying your luggage and making sure someone doesn’t mistake your luggage for theirs will be that much easier. Did you know you can even order custom suitcase covers to really identify your luggage?


Wardrobe Change

Ever considered mixing and matching outfits across multiple suitcases? Distribute your clothing between checked and carry-on luggage. That way, even if one bag decides to embark on a solo adventure, you won’t be left high and dry without a fresh change of clothes.


Embrace Technology

Bid farewell to baggage blues by employing GPS tracking technology. Invest in a discreet GPS tracker such as an Apple AirTag, slip it into your suitcase, and voilà! You’ll be able to trace your luggage’s whereabouts with precision. No more nail-biting moments at the baggage carousel. Our very own Naomi can attest to AirTags – she left her camera in Egypt (rookie error) and was able to trace its journey back to Australia via the AirTag she had put into the camera bag!


Digital Documentation

Embrace the digital era by snapping pictures of essential documents like your passport, boarding pass, and luggage receipts. Store them securely in a dedicated travel folder on your smartphone. Now, even if your physical documents go astray, you’re just a few taps away from peace of mind.



When all else fails, insurance prevails. Equip yourself with comprehensive travel insurance that covers lost luggage. This safety net ensures that even if your suitcase decides to extend its vacation without you, you won’t be left grappling with the financial aftermath.

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