Packing Tips from Our Experts


Packing for an upcoming holiday can often be one of the most stressful parts, especially when trekking. Deciding what items to take and how to pack it efficiently is something we’ve all struggled with. We asked the office brain’s trust for their best packing tips and this is what they came up with! We hope it helps with your next adventure.  

Ray Baker, Director & Kokoda Trek Leader

We provide a thorough packing list for all our trekking journeys. Don’t take anything that is not on the packing list. If you think you’re going to need something that isn’t on the packing list, you won’t need it.  

Andrea, Kokoda Operations Manager

Pack, re pack and pack again, each time halving it! You rarely regret not taking extra things, but when trekking, you definitely regret taking too much.  

Prue, Tours Reservations

Stuff sacks are great for quickly and easily finding stuff like underwear and socks, that can get lost in the depths of your luggage. I personally prefer the clear ones. For trekking, never forget baby wipes!  

Jim Drapes, Director & Kokoda Trek Leader

Pack light and roll your clothes as you pack. You’ll be amazed at how much space you save!  

Clare Davissen, Tours Manager & Trek Leader

I always pack a sarong. It can be used as a towel, pillow, pillowcase even, scarf, cover-up when discreet clothing required, a blanket on those long cold bus journeys, oh and a sarong for when a refreshing dip is needed!

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