Kilimanjaro – thoughts & feelings from our trekkers

A group of legends (aka our largest ever group of Back Track travellers) completed a Kilimanjaro trek and Wildlife safari in Tanzania in January 2024. Please see the thoughts and words from some of the participants below.


Setting out on the Kilimanjaro trek – bright eyed and bushy-tailed.
Setting out on the trek – bright eyed and bushy-tailed (Photo: Andrea T)

In the words of our former Operations manager (who participated in this trip):

The weather gods weren’t so kind, it rained most days and there was a whiteout when we were on top, but the experience and accomplishment were all worth it.

The lights of Moshi as seen from Mt Kilimanjaro.
The lights of Moshi as seen from Mt Kilimanjaro (Photo: Andrea T)

Another of our trekkers, Craig had the following thoughts on the trip:

Summit night under these conditions was the most mentally challenging thing I have ever done. After finishing my Kokoda trek leader training in October and speaking to Ray prior to going, I felt that I was well informed and prepared on what to expect.

These guys are by far the most dapper trekkers we’ve ever had travel with us! (Photo: Craig H)

But the mountain had other ideas for us she wasn’t going to give herself up easily. One by one my teammates were struggling, requiring assistance on the way up. I remember reaching stellar point and Arnold (one of our guides) handed me the UHF to talk to Ray and he told me he was taking the others to Oxygen City.

I looked up at my teammates and thought we won’t make it, some even throwing up at the time, but we pushed on and summited at 8.30am. And by the time we reached base camp only three of us made it up and down unassisted still carrying our back packs.

Photo: Craig H

Safari was a different matter seeing all of the big five the small five and the ugly five loved the crater and the black rhinos the hospitality and clamping huts were second to none the hot air ballooning should be made compulsory so elegant and graceful gliding through the sky with breathtaking views and animals everywhere the tour of a Maasai village was an amazing culture experience to finish the trip with even sold my daughters hand in marriage to the chiefs son for twenty head of Cattle, hahaha

Maasai footwear – repurposed.
Maasai footwear – repurposed (Photo: Andrea T)

This is my third backtrack experience and I’ve got to say one of the best Ray is a deadset legend in the industry and without him even knowing, I have learnt so much from him about guiding and looking after clients. Backtrack feels like family or maybe it is the hotel of California you can checkout anytime you like but you can never leave??? Hmm

Thanks again for the memories,

Behind the scenes of a Kili trek.
Everything you take onto the mountain has to come back off it at the end of the trek (Photo: Andrea T)

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