Five things you wouldn’t expect about Antarctica

Travelling to Antarctica is like nowhere else on the planet. The sheer scale and beauty of the environment that completely surrounds you can’t put into words. But there were certain aspects of the trip that I certainly didn’t expect! If you’re thinking about heading to Antarctica, these are a few tips that will hopefully make your journey as enjoyable as possible. Not that it’s hard, Antarctica is pretty epic!


Pack a good moisturiser

Between the hand sanitiser that you use every time you enter the dining or lounge areas, the hard water on board the ship, the wind and the lack of humidity, you can really feel your skin start to dry out. Pack a good moisturiser for your hands and face, some lip balm to stop chapping, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Polarised sunnies are a must!

Most trip notes will advise you to pack polarised sunglasses, but I thought my standard sunnies would be fine.  Nope.  They were right – the sun’s glare on the bright white ice is really strong and can make it harder to enjoy gorgeous scenery that stretches as far as the eye can see.


Pack waterproof pants

Waterproof pants are essential, after all, snow is wet. However, not all waterproof pants are created equal and are rated on a scale to determine how “waterproof” they actually are. Most ski pants are between 6,000-10,000mm (mm being the scale they are measured on). When you are looking for waterproof pants, try to aim for at least 15,000mm. Go up to 20,000mm if you can. This will enable you to sit on the ice without the water seeping in – these are especially fantastic when there are curious penguins near-by that might want to come and check you out!


Leopard seals are actually cute!

Leopard seals have been the “bad guy” in a few movies I’ve seen, especially once you see photos of their big sharp teeth. However, my opinion changed after a zodiac excursion where one approached the boat quite playfully. He spent ages with us, diving in and out of the water and popping up to check us out. He was as curious about us as we were about him.  This magical, chance encounter has certainly changed my perception of these Antarctic animals.


There really is nowhere else like it.

Nothing can prepare you for the epic feeling of standing on the ice, looking around at 360-degree views of sheer amazing. It’s hard to believe an environment like that exists on our planet, especially coming from warm and sunny Brisbane. Everywhere you look is exciting and incredible and makes the journey 100% worth it.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg (pun intended).

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