In amongst all the Covid craziness there are ways to escape, celebrate, relax and enjoy the fun of a family holiday. Here at Back Track HQ we are loving our family catch ups.


Roadtripping in our family is always full of crazy shenanigans. Challenges to complete and compete,  picking on each other and of course singing along with our favourite Spotify playlists.  Whatever gets you through hey!?  The stories along the journey though end up being some of the highlights of the entire trip. 


Getting 3 teenage boys together in the one place at the one time is a challenge at the best of times so to get them away for 5 days is a real treat. Being that bit older, our more adventurous trips know no bounds now and exploring a new city with them is loads of fun, peppered as it is with their unique commentary, not to mention brotherly banter.

And look how much fun we’re having dining out in Melbourne’s Southbank!!

DAVISSEN FAMILY 60TH 61ST Birthday Celebrations

Having missed out on celebrating my eldest brothers 60th in 2020 we tried again in 2021 and were able to enjoy an amazing weekend to commemorate our wonderful brother in style in a stunning house at Hastings Point. A weekend full of too much food, Kayaking trips, highly competitive trivia games, fine wines and so much laughter and chatter amongst our incredibly loud and large family. All organised so easily and seamlessly with just a short 2hour drive south of Brisbane for a great weekend of fun and frivolity.

Back Track are here to help you organise your next family getaway, catch up, school holidays jaunt or just a weekend away with the kids.   We love our families and would love to assist you, our Back Track Family in finding your next perfect break.

Check out our favourite Family trips for more inspiration.

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