The exploratory nature of expedition cruising can feel like you’re discovering something for the first time.


It allows you to be one of the few lucky travellers to visit otherwise inaccessible places. Antarctica, the Arctic, and other remote corners of the globe feel just that bit more magical when you and a small group of others are there, often with no other ship as far as the eye can see. We’ve been booking expedition cruises for over 20 years and we know our ice class from our ice breaker – if expedition cruising is what you want, we’re the people to help.

We have a vast range of expedition cruises exploring the polar regions, remote islands, rugged coastlines and more. Below are some of our favourites, but please contact us for more ideas and suggestions.

Raja Ampat & Vogelkop Expedition

14 days from $9500pp

On this adventure, we will follow in the footsteps of the great Alfred Russell Wallace, 159 years after his exploration of the Island of Waigeo.

The Definitive Kimberley

7 days from $3,920pp

Experience a thrilling nature-based adventure as you enjoy a zodiac ride through Horizontal Falls and marvel at 60,000 year old Gwion rock art.



From 6 days from $6,731pp

Antarctica is the ultimate destination for many travellers. No superlative is enough to describe the experience of stepping foot on the 7th continent – the Last Frontier.