Christmas Holiday Dreams

Was last Christmas not all you hoped for? Wanna do something different this year? Now is the time to start thinking about December and the Christmas holidays, especially if you’re keen to experience a cold weather (preferably “snowy”) Christmas.

If you have school aged kids, it’s time to start thinking about those plans for June and September school holidays (time will get away from you quicker than you think).

I asked the Back Track staff what they’d like to do for Christmas if there were no limitations. Scroll down to see their suggestion and dreams!

Canada is a popular choice among us:

EMMA wants to be sipping a hot mulled wine after a day on the slopes in Whistler, Canada.

Canada skiiing and hot mulled wine
Photo Credit:

LEANNE wants to make snow angels in Canada.

Snow angles in Canada
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NAOMI wants to go back to the Christmas markets in Germany (it’s been a while – and eat herself into a food coma in Japan on the way home).

Germany Neuschwanstein castle and Christmas markets
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WIETSKE wants to go somewhere cold like Scandinavia and Santa’s village in Finland or do the complete opposite and visit Egypt as the weather is very pleasant in Egypt in December.

Egypt camel and the pyramids
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SARAH wants to be in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives far away from everything.

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MATTEO wants to sit in front of a fireplace in a pub in Dublin.

pub in Dublin
Photo Left Credit:; Photo Right Credit: Matt Carri

MARIANNE – like Wietske, she would like to visit the Middle East in December when the weather is not so fiercely hot. She’s eyeing off Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Petra, Jordan and Saudi Arabia desert
Petra, Jordan and Saudi Arabia desert. Credit:

JIM is thinking of India and Sri Lanka.

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RAY reckons Mexico would be pretty good.

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PRUE wants to go hiking in Patagonia (South America)

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Where do you want to go?

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