Best Countries for Foodies

Australia is a nation of foodies. Our multi-cultural nature and love for cooking television shows is probably to thank for that. One determining factor for plenty of Aussies when they book travel overseas is the food – whether your budget is street-cuisine or fine-dining restaurants, food is always a high priority. If your tastebuds are ready for a vacation, these are a few destinations we suggest to satisfy your hunger.



A unique blend of European and local flavours, Mexico is a must-visit for foodies. There’ll be tacos, quesadillas and enchiladas, but perhaps not quite as you know them. This is one destination where you might just find the most delicious meal for a couple of pesos on the streets of a city or town. Enjoy the never-ending feast of flavours as you explore the rich culture.



The Japanese take food very seriously, making it a great holiday destination for dedicated foodies. There are more Michelin-star restaurants in Tokyo than Paris and New York combined, giving you plenty of options for fine dining. But you don’t just have to stick to the expensive end of the scale for a decent meal – there are more options for sushi, sashimi and ramen than you could poke a chopstick at.



While often overshadowed by its food-famous neighbours France and Spain, Portugal’s cuisine is so varied and delicious that you’d be ridiculous to miss it. Being coastal, Portuguese cuisine involves a lot of seafood and other meats, as well as lots of bread. Their most famous export, however, is probably the Portuguese tart. If you haven’t tried, we suggest you find one ASAP!



Food is deeply entrenched in the cultural psyche of India, making it the perfect destination for you and your tastebuds. As you travel around this country, be amazed at the variety of different flavours – from heavy, meaty dishes in the north to more vegetable flavours in the south. This is also a great destination for vegetarians and vegans, thanks to the large population of Hindu people.



In the Thai language, the literal word for food means to “eat rice”, but thankfully, the cuisine has plenty of variety! The Thai flavour profile is certainly unique – not many cultures can combine sour, spicy and sweet with such a delicious outcome. Thai cuisine combines flavours from surrounding countries into a variety of mouth-watering dishes, from spicy curries to tangy Pad Thai.


  South Korea

Korean cuisine often gets overshadowed, probably thanks to it’s well-loved food neighbours Japan and China, but it has a lot to offer your tastebuds. You could try Bibimbap, Korea’s take on fried rice with meat, pickled veg, kimchi and egg. And of course, there’s Korean Barbeque, a social affair where you gather together to cook and eat.

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