5 Reasons Why Spring is the Ideal Time to Travel

Some people will try and convince you that summer is the best time of year to visit a destination. And for some places, that is true. However, our favourite time of year to visit a place is spring. For the Northern Hemisphere, that time is now! And while you can’t travel at the moment, maybe we can tempt you to think of where you’d go next spring…


The temperatures are milder

Spring is our favourite time of year to travel because of the fantastic weather. It is usually pretty sunny, but not so hot that you’ll be sweating up a storm as you are out and about exploring during the day. For popular Northern Hemisphere destinations, including most of Europe, spring is also ideal as there are less rainy days as well. 


The crowds are thinner

While queuing up and fighting crowds is often just an unavoidable part of travel, travelling in the shoulder seasons is a great way to miss the bulk of it. For Europe and parts of North America, spring is the ideal time to travel because you avoid the bulk of tourists making the most of their summer. 


Accommodation and flights are slightly cheaper

Peak travel means peak prices, so avoiding travelling to hotspot locations during this peak can save you $$$! Flights, accommodation and even some attractions are cheaper in spring, and fewer places are overbooked and crowded. The only exception to this is the Easter long weekend, especially in countries like Italy and Spain. 


Flowers, flowers everywhere

Spring has sprung, the grass is riz and all of that good stuff! Not only are the trees and streets covered in colourful flowers, but the sweet smell of flowers is definitely in the air and adds another level of magic to travelling in spring. If tulips are your thing, we recommend the Netherlands to see the fields of them, as far as the eye can see. There is nothing quite like it. 


See the cities like a local

Less touristy crowds means you can see a city for what it’s really like, and how the locals live. As people emerge from their winter slumber into the warmer and longer days, everyone is happier and more social, leading to plenty of unique events to tag along to. You can chase a wheel of cheese down a hill in England or watch a snowman lit on fire over in Zürich in April. 

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