5 reasons to do Mt Kilimanjaro with us in 2020

New decade, new challenge? 2020 could be the year YOU tackle Mt Kilimanjaro, that rises so elegantly over the plains of Africa. We’ve been taking small groups trekking around the world since 1984, so we know our stuff. Here are five reasons why you should climb Mt Kilimanjaro with us in 2020!


See the Glacial Peak before it’s gone!

The ice and snow that cap the majestic Mount Kilimanjaro is vanishing before our eyes. If current conditions persist, climate change experts say, Kilimanjaro’s world-renowned glaciers, which have covered Africa’s highest peak for centuries, will be gone within a matter of years. It’s hard to do the glaciers justice with words alone – so don’t take our word for it. See them yourself before it’s too late.


Reach the summit successfully

What’s the point in putting in all that training and not actually summiting?! We tackle Mt Kilimanjaro with our unique Itinerary on the Lemosho route. This gives you the best chance for acclimatising and actually reaching the summit.  The longer you take to climb Mt Kilimanjaro the better chance you have of reaching the summit and enjoying your trek whilst you are it.


Our Aussie trek leader has your back

Back Track’s Australian Trek Leader travels from Australia to look after all trekking arrangements and provides expert knowledge, support and encouragement to help you tackle this spectacular trek.


 Our trek is fully inclusive

Whilst trekking you don’t have to put your hand into your pocket for anything.  We look after everything so all you need to do is put one foot in front of the other – simple!  Our Australian Trek Leader is there to look after you and all arrangements on your trek.


 Make sure you see it all

You’ve reached the peak, ticked that box, been on top of the world, now check out the majesty of the Big 5 on our specially designed Safari.  Flying to the Serengeti to discover not only the vastness of these plains but also the range of wildlife at Ngorongoro Crater and the beautiful landscapes at Tarangire National Park.  Enjoy some of the best game viewing the world has to offer.


We operate Australian led treks throughout the year at the perfect times for trekking and visiting this beautiful country.  We also offer some great deals for any private teams wanting to enjoy this trek with their mates, family, work colleagues or with your preferred charity.  Be sure to get in touch to chat further all aspects of your Tanzania adventure!


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