5 Australian Islands To Visit When Quarantine Is Over

Providing you travel inspiration and support is what we’re all about at Back Track Adventures, and in the current climate, we’re adjusting our focus inbound instead of out. Australia has 8,222 islands within our maritime borders – so we thought we’d give you 5 islands you won’t need your passport to visit when domestic quarantine is over. 


Lord Howe Island

Located 600km off the coast of Port Macquarie is Lord Howe Island. Made of the remnants of a long-dormant volcano, this UNESCO World Heritage Listed island is something spectacular. Those with an adventurous spirit will enjoy hiking up Mt Gower, diving around Ball’s Pyramid or snorkelling off the beach. With direct flights from Brisbane every weekend and from Sydney several times a week, there’s no reason not to visit this island paradise. 


Rottnest Island

Despite currently operating as a quarantine zone for Western Australia, Rottnest Island makes for a pretty unforgettable holiday experience. It is home to the world-famous Quokka – the cute, perpetually-smiling animals that celebrities and regular folks alike love to take selfies with. It is the perfect island escape with plenty of snorkelling, swimming and beachside relaxation. No private vehicles are permitted, so most people walk or cycle between the 63 beaches. 


Cocos (Keeling) Islands

These islands only receive a small number of visitors each year, although we think that number might increase while we’re only able to travel within our domestic borders. Located 2750kms north-west of Perth, the 27 Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a tropical paradise that we often simply dream about. Dip your toe in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoy near-empty beaches for snorkelling, diving and fishing. The Cocos-Malay people only inhabit two of the 27 islands, the rest are up to you to explore! 


Cockatoo Island

Located just off Sydney Harbour is Cockatoo Island. Cockatoo Island has a colourful history as a jail and shipyard, and you can get to know this history a little better on one of the haunted history or ghostyard tour options. Spend the night if you like – you can choose between heritage houses, apartments or waterfront camping tents. Just a ferry ride away from Sydney Harbour, this is definitely one to visit on your next trip. 


Fraser Island

This might be your first island escape option if you’re based in Queensland like us! Fraser Island is Australia’s largest sand island and is favoured by campers, fishers and 4x4ers for the long stretches of beach. History buffs will enjoy the shipwrecks located on the island, the most popular being the SS Maheno. About four hours drive to Hervey Bay and a short ferry ride from there.

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