Discover the Mediterranean aboard Sea Cloud: from $6,053*

Leanne’s pick: Aboard this majestic windjammer, setting the sails is not just for show: it is an exhibition of true sailing craft. When the orders ring out over the deck and the crew climb the masts, every single manoeuvre marks a centuries-old ritual being brought to life. In 1931 American millionaire couple Marjorie Merriweather Post and Edward Hutton commissioned the four-masted barque and transformed the luxury private yacht into a […]

Discover Iceland: 20% off earlybird – 10 days from $3,269*

You might not go down in history for being the first to discover Iceland, but you could be the first in your family? This is an unforgettable journey around the island of fire and ice – a country of contrasts where the diverse natural landscape is like nowhere else on earth. The Ocean Diamond is an elegant and stable super yacht. Carrying a maximum of 189 passengers, this vessel features […]

Spring time in Alaska … be amongst the first to arrive!

When Alaska awakens from its winter slumber, bears emerge after long naps, migrating birds and whales begin returning, and the babies are born – Sitka fawns, sea otter pups, bear cubs! There’s snow from sea to sky, the coast mountains are covered in it and jagged peaks and ridgelines contrast sharply against the indigo sea and sky. Raging waterfalls and drifting ice melt and waterfalls gush down fjord walls. Glaciers […]

Best of China: 12 days Beijing To Shanghai from $3199*

Naomi’s pick: On this adventure, we mix the bustle of China’s metropolises with the tranquillity of rural life. Explore hidden corners of Beijing’s Forbidden City; cycle along ancient city walls and learn about Xi’an’s famed terracotta soldiers. Enjoy a sunset cruise on the gorgeous Li River. Along the way, discover how China’s many contrasts make it one of the world’s most intriguing places. This small group, National Geographic journey, will […]

Walking in Tuscany: fall in love with provincial Italy, 8 days from $3795*

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Tuscany walking tour, exceptional scenery, perfect weather and great food.” Cathy Birch Matt’s choice: Fond of a stroll? Like a bit of exercise on your holidays? Don’t panic, you get to fly to Italy, phew… but then every day of your adventure you will get to experience the Tuscan countryside on foot. The most you will walk in any one day is 10 kilometres with three […]