Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda Experience – Independent

Day 1: Kigali / Ruhengeri

Welcome to Rwanda. This Independent Experience starts at Kigali Airport where you will be met by our local representative. Please arrange to arrive in Kigali before 1pm – if your flight does not arrive before that time then you need to arrive one day earlier and book one night's pre-tour accommodation as well as an arrival transfer (these will be at an additional cost). Please read the visa information for Rwanda on your pre-departure information before you depart, as you're required to apply for your visa before arrival. Upon your arrival you will visit the Genocide Museum, which was opened in 2004 to mark the tenth anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide. Whilst the genocide occurred as a result of a complex series of factors, it can only be seen as an absolute tragedy to Rwanda and its people. Time spent at the museum is sure to be emotionally moving, but it is an important way to understand the sheer courage and resilience of the people of this beautiful, tiny nation. Then you travel towards the gorillas with a drive through the verdant rolling hills of Rwanda. You’ll be staying in the Musanze region (formerly Ruhengeri). Hotel facilities include a pool, restaurant, bar & lounge with fireplace and incredible views of the Volcanoes. The Volcanoes National Park is the oldest national park in Africa, and it was specifically created to protect the habitat of the gorillas.

Day 2: Ruhengeri

After a very early start, drive to the park headquarters (approximately 30 minutes) where you’ll be briefed on the gorilla trek by the guides of Parc National des Volcans. Ten different gorilla families live here, in bamboo forest interspersed with alpine moorland, grassland and marshland. The groups include Group 13, Sabinyo, Amahoro, Umubano, Susa, Kwitonda (which has recently arrived from the DRC) and the Hirwa group, newly formed from different habituated families. Gorilla trekking is highly controlled, with only 80 gorilla trekking permits available each day. Once a trekking group encounters one of the gorilla families, only one hour is granted in the presence of the great apes before trekkers must leave, however reluctantly. Be aware that the trek can be strenuous and may reach altitudes of almost 3,000 metres above sea level. Depending on weather conditions, some of the paths can be slippery and these paths themselves can change depending on the location of the gorillas. Therefore it is very hard to predict how long you will need to walk for, but a very good level of fitness is recommended for this trek. It may take anything between 40 minutes and five hours to reach your designated gorilla family, but it’s more than worth it. The trackers will have already set out and located the gorilla family by the time you begin your trek, so your actual walking time can usually be predicted when you set off. You can usually get very close to the mountain gorillas, and watching their movements is like seeing a mirror image of yourself. Be mesmerised as you watch them eat, sleep, groom and play – the giant silverback surveying the scene as the smaller ones laze in the trees or play like children. As lunch can only be taken upon return to the hotel, it is recommended that you bring a few snacks to keep you going throughout the morning. At the end of the day the comforts of the hotel beckon, along with a chance to reflect on what is sure to be a truly memorable day. Notes: Your gorilla trek will be a shared activity. You will be accompanied by other travellers, with a maximum of 8 people per gorilla group, plus your guides.

Day 3: Ruhengeri / Kigali

You will have a number of optional activities today. It is possible to partake in an additional gorilla trek. However, this is subject to permit availability and must be pre-purchased in advance. For fans of the book and/or movie 'Gorillas in the Mist', the Dian Fossey Trek is anther good option. You’ll follow in Dian Fossey's footsteps on your way to her grave, as well as the graves belonging to many poached gorillas, including the famous Digit. Be guided around the incredible setting where Old Karisoke Research Station was set up and, although very little of the station remains, imagine the life that Dian Fossey led in these isolated mountains. For a more leisurely but equally memorable experience, trekking in search of golden monkeys is highly recommended. In June 2003 the National Parks Department first allowed permits to walk the trails in search of these rare and engaging primates. This walk will take you to the edge of the forest, where watching these unique monkeys play and interact is a mesmerising experience. After your experience today you will then travel back to Kigali (approximately 2 hours) late in the afternoon or early in the evening. Dinner tonight will be at your own expense and can be enjoyed at one of the many nearby restaurants.

Day 4: Kigali

This morning you will be taken on a city tour of Kigali before being transferred to Kigali International Airport, arriving there before midday (approximately 1.5 hour drive).

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
27/FEB/2020 - 01/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
28/FEB/2020 - 02/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
29/FEB/2020 - 03/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
01/MAR/2020 - 04/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
02/MAR/2020 - 05/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
03/MAR/2020 - 06/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
04/MAR/2020 - 07/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
05/MAR/2020 - 08/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
06/MAR/2020 - 09/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
07/MAR/2020 - 10/MAR/2020 BCAU$11200
08/MAR/2020 - 11/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
09/MAR/2020 - 12/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
10/MAR/2020 - 13/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
11/MAR/2020 - 14/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
12/MAR/2020 - 15/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
13/MAR/2020 - 16/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
14/MAR/2020 - 17/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
15/MAR/2020 - 18/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
16/MAR/2020 - 19/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
17/MAR/2020 - 20/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
18/MAR/2020 - 21/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
19/MAR/2020 - 22/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
20/MAR/2020 - 23/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
21/MAR/2020 - 24/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
22/MAR/2020 - 25/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
23/MAR/2020 - 26/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
24/MAR/2020 - 27/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
25/MAR/2020 - 28/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
26/MAR/2020 - 29/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
27/MAR/2020 - 30/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
28/MAR/2020 - 31/MAR/2020 ORAU$11200
29/MAR/2020 - 01/APR/2020 ORAU$11200
30/MAR/2020 - 02/APR/2020 ORAU$11200
31/MAR/2020 - 03/APR/2020 ORAU$11200
01/APR/2020 - 04/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
02/APR/2020 - 05/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
03/APR/2020 - 06/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
04/APR/2020 - 07/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
05/APR/2020 - 08/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
06/APR/2020 - 09/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
07/APR/2020 - 10/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
08/APR/2020 - 11/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
09/APR/2020 - 12/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
10/APR/2020 - 13/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
11/APR/2020 - 14/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
12/APR/2020 - 15/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
13/APR/2020 - 16/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
14/APR/2020 - 17/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
15/APR/2020 - 18/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
16/APR/2020 - 19/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
17/APR/2020 - 20/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
18/APR/2020 - 21/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
19/APR/2020 - 22/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
20/APR/2020 - 23/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
21/APR/2020 - 24/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
22/APR/2020 - 25/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
23/APR/2020 - 26/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
24/APR/2020 - 27/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
25/APR/2020 - 28/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
26/APR/2020 - 29/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
27/APR/2020 - 30/APR/2020 ORAU$11650
28/APR/2020 - 01/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
29/APR/2020 - 02/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
30/APR/2020 - 03/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
01/MAY/2020 - 04/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
02/MAY/2020 - 05/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
03/MAY/2020 - 06/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
04/MAY/2020 - 07/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
05/MAY/2020 - 08/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
06/MAY/2020 - 09/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
07/MAY/2020 - 10/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
08/MAY/2020 - 11/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
09/MAY/2020 - 12/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
10/MAY/2020 - 13/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
11/MAY/2020 - 14/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
12/MAY/2020 - 15/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
13/MAY/2020 - 16/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
14/MAY/2020 - 17/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
15/MAY/2020 - 18/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
16/MAY/2020 - 19/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
17/MAY/2020 - 20/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
18/MAY/2020 - 21/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
19/MAY/2020 - 22/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
20/MAY/2020 - 23/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
21/MAY/2020 - 24/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
22/MAY/2020 - 25/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
23/MAY/2020 - 26/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
24/MAY/2020 - 27/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
25/MAY/2020 - 28/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
26/MAY/2020 - 29/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
27/MAY/2020 - 30/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
28/MAY/2020 - 31/MAY/2020 ORAU$11650
29/MAY/2020 - 01/JUN/2020 ORAU$11650
30/MAY/2020 - 02/JUN/2020 ORAU$11650
31/MAY/2020 - 03/JUN/2020 ORAU$11650
01/JUN/2020 - 04/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
02/JUN/2020 - 05/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
03/JUN/2020 - 06/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
04/JUN/2020 - 07/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
05/JUN/2020 - 08/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
06/JUN/2020 - 09/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
07/JUN/2020 - 10/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
08/JUN/2020 - 11/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
09/JUN/2020 - 12/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
10/JUN/2020 - 13/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
11/JUN/2020 - 14/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
12/JUN/2020 - 15/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
13/JUN/2020 - 16/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
14/JUN/2020 - 17/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
15/JUN/2020 - 18/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
16/JUN/2020 - 19/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
17/JUN/2020 - 20/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
18/JUN/2020 - 21/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
19/JUN/2020 - 22/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
20/JUN/2020 - 23/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
21/JUN/2020 - 24/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
22/JUN/2020 - 25/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
23/JUN/2020 - 26/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
24/JUN/2020 - 27/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
25/JUN/2020 - 28/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
26/JUN/2020 - 29/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
27/JUN/2020 - 30/JUN/2020 ORAU$12095
28/JUN/2020 - 01/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
29/JUN/2020 - 02/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
30/JUN/2020 - 03/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
01/JUL/2020 - 04/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
02/JUL/2020 - 05/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
03/JUL/2020 - 06/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
04/JUL/2020 - 07/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
05/JUL/2020 - 08/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
06/JUL/2020 - 09/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
07/JUL/2020 - 10/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
08/JUL/2020 - 11/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
09/JUL/2020 - 12/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
10/JUL/2020 - 13/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
11/JUL/2020 - 14/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
12/JUL/2020 - 15/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
13/JUL/2020 - 16/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
14/JUL/2020 - 17/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
15/JUL/2020 - 18/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
16/JUL/2020 - 19/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
17/JUL/2020 - 20/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
18/JUL/2020 - 21/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
19/JUL/2020 - 22/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
20/JUL/2020 - 23/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
21/JUL/2020 - 24/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
22/JUL/2020 - 25/JUL/2020 OR DGAU$12095
23/JUL/2020 - 26/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
24/JUL/2020 - 27/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
25/JUL/2020 - 28/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
26/JUL/2020 - 29/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
27/JUL/2020 - 30/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
28/JUL/2020 - 31/JUL/2020 ORAU$12095
29/JUL/2020 - 01/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
30/JUL/2020 - 02/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
31/JUL/2020 - 03/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
01/AUG/2020 - 04/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
02/AUG/2020 - 05/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
03/AUG/2020 - 06/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
04/AUG/2020 - 07/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
05/AUG/2020 - 08/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
06/AUG/2020 - 09/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
07/AUG/2020 - 10/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
08/AUG/2020 - 11/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
09/AUG/2020 - 12/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
10/AUG/2020 - 13/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
11/AUG/2020 - 14/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
12/AUG/2020 - 15/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
13/AUG/2020 - 16/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
14/AUG/2020 - 17/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
15/AUG/2020 - 18/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
16/AUG/2020 - 19/AUG/2020 OR DGAU$12095
17/AUG/2020 - 20/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
18/AUG/2020 - 21/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
19/AUG/2020 - 22/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
20/AUG/2020 - 23/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
21/AUG/2020 - 24/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
22/AUG/2020 - 25/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
23/AUG/2020 - 26/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
24/AUG/2020 - 27/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
25/AUG/2020 - 28/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
26/AUG/2020 - 29/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
27/AUG/2020 - 30/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
28/AUG/2020 - 31/AUG/2020 ORAU$12095
29/AUG/2020 - 01/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
30/AUG/2020 - 02/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
31/AUG/2020 - 03/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
01/SEP/2020 - 04/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
02/SEP/2020 - 05/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
03/SEP/2020 - 06/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
04/SEP/2020 - 07/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
05/SEP/2020 - 08/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
06/SEP/2020 - 09/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
07/SEP/2020 - 10/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
08/SEP/2020 - 11/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
09/SEP/2020 - 12/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
10/SEP/2020 - 13/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
11/SEP/2020 - 14/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
12/SEP/2020 - 15/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
13/SEP/2020 - 16/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
14/SEP/2020 - 17/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
15/SEP/2020 - 18/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
16/SEP/2020 - 19/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
17/SEP/2020 - 20/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
18/SEP/2020 - 21/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
19/SEP/2020 - 22/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
20/SEP/2020 - 23/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
21/SEP/2020 - 24/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
22/SEP/2020 - 25/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
23/SEP/2020 - 26/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
24/SEP/2020 - 27/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
25/SEP/2020 - 28/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
26/SEP/2020 - 29/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
27/SEP/2020 - 30/SEP/2020 ORAU$12095
28/SEP/2020 - 01/OCT/2020 ORAU$12095
29/SEP/2020 - 02/OCT/2020 ORAU$12095
30/SEP/2020 - 03/OCT/2020 ORAU$12095
01/OCT/2020 - 04/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
02/OCT/2020 - 05/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
03/OCT/2020 - 06/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
04/OCT/2020 - 07/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
05/OCT/2020 - 08/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
06/OCT/2020 - 09/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
07/OCT/2020 - 10/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
08/OCT/2020 - 11/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
09/OCT/2020 - 12/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
10/OCT/2020 - 13/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
11/OCT/2020 - 14/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
12/OCT/2020 - 15/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
13/OCT/2020 - 16/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
14/OCT/2020 - 17/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
15/OCT/2020 - 18/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
16/OCT/2020 - 19/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
17/OCT/2020 - 20/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
18/OCT/2020 - 21/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
19/OCT/2020 - 22/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
20/OCT/2020 - 23/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
21/OCT/2020 - 24/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
22/OCT/2020 - 25/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
23/OCT/2020 - 26/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
24/OCT/2020 - 27/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
25/OCT/2020 - 28/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
26/OCT/2020 - 29/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
27/OCT/2020 - 30/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
28/OCT/2020 - 31/OCT/2020 ORAU$11650
29/OCT/2020 - 01/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
30/OCT/2020 - 02/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
31/OCT/2020 - 03/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
01/NOV/2020 - 04/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
02/NOV/2020 - 05/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
03/NOV/2020 - 06/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
04/NOV/2020 - 07/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
05/NOV/2020 - 08/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
06/NOV/2020 - 09/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
07/NOV/2020 - 10/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
08/NOV/2020 - 11/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
09/NOV/2020 - 12/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
10/NOV/2020 - 13/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
11/NOV/2020 - 14/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
12/NOV/2020 - 15/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
13/NOV/2020 - 16/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
14/NOV/2020 - 17/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
15/NOV/2020 - 18/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
16/NOV/2020 - 19/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
17/NOV/2020 - 20/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
18/NOV/2020 - 21/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
19/NOV/2020 - 22/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
20/NOV/2020 - 23/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
21/NOV/2020 - 24/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
22/NOV/2020 - 25/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
23/NOV/2020 - 26/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
24/NOV/2020 - 27/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
25/NOV/2020 - 28/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
26/NOV/2020 - 29/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
27/NOV/2020 - 30/NOV/2020 ORAU$11650
28/NOV/2020 - 01/DEC/2020 ORAU$11650
29/NOV/2020 - 02/DEC/2020 ORAU$11650
30/NOV/2020 - 03/DEC/2020 ORAU$11650
01/DEC/2020 - 04/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
02/DEC/2020 - 05/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
03/DEC/2020 - 06/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
04/DEC/2020 - 07/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
05/DEC/2020 - 08/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
06/DEC/2020 - 09/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
07/DEC/2020 - 10/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
08/DEC/2020 - 11/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
09/DEC/2020 - 12/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
10/DEC/2020 - 13/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
11/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
12/DEC/2020 - 15/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
13/DEC/2020 - 16/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
14/DEC/2020 - 17/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
15/DEC/2020 - 18/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
16/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
17/DEC/2020 - 20/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
18/DEC/2020 - 21/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
19/DEC/2020 - 22/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
20/DEC/2020 - 23/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
21/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
22/DEC/2020 - 25/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
23/DEC/2020 - 26/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
24/DEC/2020 - 27/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
25/DEC/2020 - 28/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
26/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
27/DEC/2020 - 30/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
28/DEC/2020 - 31/DEC/2020 ORAU$11200
29/DEC/2020 - 01/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
30/DEC/2020 - 02/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
31/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
01/JAN/2021 - 04/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
02/JAN/2021 - 05/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
03/JAN/2021 - 06/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
04/JAN/2021 - 07/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
05/JAN/2021 - 08/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
06/JAN/2021 - 09/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
07/JAN/2021 - 10/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
08/JAN/2021 - 11/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
09/JAN/2021 - 12/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
10/JAN/2021 - 13/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
11/JAN/2021 - 14/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
12/JAN/2021 - 15/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
13/JAN/2021 - 16/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
14/JAN/2021 - 17/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
15/JAN/2021 - 18/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
16/JAN/2021 - 19/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
17/JAN/2021 - 20/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
18/JAN/2021 - 21/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
19/JAN/2021 - 22/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
20/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
21/JAN/2021 - 24/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
22/JAN/2021 - 25/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
23/JAN/2021 - 26/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
24/JAN/2021 - 27/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
25/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
26/JAN/2021 - 29/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
27/JAN/2021 - 30/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
28/JAN/2021 - 31/JAN/2021 ORAU$11200
29/JAN/2021 - 01/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
30/JAN/2021 - 02/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
31/JAN/2021 - 03/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
01/FEB/2021 - 04/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
02/FEB/2021 - 05/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
03/FEB/2021 - 06/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
04/FEB/2021 - 07/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
05/FEB/2021 - 08/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
06/FEB/2021 - 09/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
07/FEB/2021 - 10/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
08/FEB/2021 - 11/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
09/FEB/2021 - 12/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
10/FEB/2021 - 13/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
11/FEB/2021 - 14/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
12/FEB/2021 - 15/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
13/FEB/2021 - 16/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
14/FEB/2021 - 17/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
15/FEB/2021 - 18/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
16/FEB/2021 - 19/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
17/FEB/2021 - 20/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
18/FEB/2021 - 21/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
19/FEB/2021 - 22/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
20/FEB/2021 - 23/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
21/FEB/2021 - 24/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
22/FEB/2021 - 25/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
23/FEB/2021 - 26/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
24/FEB/2021 - 27/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
25/FEB/2021 - 28/FEB/2021 ORAU$11200
26/FEB/2021 - 01/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
27/FEB/2021 - 02/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
28/FEB/2021 - 03/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
01/MAR/2021 - 04/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
02/MAR/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
03/MAR/2021 - 06/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
04/MAR/2021 - 07/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
05/MAR/2021 - 08/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
06/MAR/2021 - 09/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
07/MAR/2021 - 10/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
08/MAR/2021 - 11/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
09/MAR/2021 - 12/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
10/MAR/2021 - 13/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
11/MAR/2021 - 14/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
12/MAR/2021 - 15/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
13/MAR/2021 - 16/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
14/MAR/2021 - 17/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
15/MAR/2021 - 18/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
16/MAR/2021 - 19/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
17/MAR/2021 - 20/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
18/MAR/2021 - 21/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
19/MAR/2021 - 22/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
20/MAR/2021 - 23/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
21/MAR/2021 - 24/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
22/MAR/2021 - 25/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
23/MAR/2021 - 26/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
24/MAR/2021 - 27/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
25/MAR/2021 - 28/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
26/MAR/2021 - 29/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
27/MAR/2021 - 30/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
28/MAR/2021 - 31/MAR/2021 ORAU$11200
29/MAR/2021 - 01/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
30/MAR/2021 - 02/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
31/MAR/2021 - 03/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
01/APR/2021 - 04/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
02/APR/2021 - 05/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
03/APR/2021 - 06/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
04/APR/2021 - 07/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
05/APR/2021 - 08/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
06/APR/2021 - 09/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
07/APR/2021 - 10/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
08/APR/2021 - 11/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
09/APR/2021 - 12/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
10/APR/2021 - 13/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
11/APR/2021 - 14/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
12/APR/2021 - 15/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
13/APR/2021 - 16/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
14/APR/2021 - 17/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
15/APR/2021 - 18/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
16/APR/2021 - 19/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
17/APR/2021 - 20/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
18/APR/2021 - 21/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
19/APR/2021 - 22/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
20/APR/2021 - 23/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
21/APR/2021 - 24/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
22/APR/2021 - 25/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
23/APR/2021 - 26/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
24/APR/2021 - 27/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
25/APR/2021 - 28/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
26/APR/2021 - 29/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
27/APR/2021 - 30/APR/2021 ORAU$11200
28/APR/2021 - 01/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
29/APR/2021 - 02/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
30/APR/2021 - 03/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
01/MAY/2021 - 04/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
02/MAY/2021 - 05/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
03/MAY/2021 - 06/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
04/MAY/2021 - 07/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
05/MAY/2021 - 08/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
06/MAY/2021 - 09/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
07/MAY/2021 - 10/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
08/MAY/2021 - 11/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
09/MAY/2021 - 12/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
10/MAY/2021 - 13/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
11/MAY/2021 - 14/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
12/MAY/2021 - 15/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
13/MAY/2021 - 16/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
14/MAY/2021 - 17/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
15/MAY/2021 - 18/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
16/MAY/2021 - 19/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
17/MAY/2021 - 20/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
18/MAY/2021 - 21/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
19/MAY/2021 - 22/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
20/MAY/2021 - 23/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
21/MAY/2021 - 24/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
22/MAY/2021 - 25/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
23/MAY/2021 - 26/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
24/MAY/2021 - 27/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
25/MAY/2021 - 28/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
26/MAY/2021 - 29/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
27/MAY/2021 - 30/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
28/MAY/2021 - 31/MAY/2021 ORAU$11200
29/MAY/2021 - 01/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
30/MAY/2021 - 02/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
31/MAY/2021 - 03/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
01/JUN/2021 - 04/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
02/JUN/2021 - 05/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
03/JUN/2021 - 06/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
04/JUN/2021 - 07/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
05/JUN/2021 - 08/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
06/JUN/2021 - 09/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
07/JUN/2021 - 10/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
08/JUN/2021 - 11/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
09/JUN/2021 - 12/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
10/JUN/2021 - 13/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
11/JUN/2021 - 14/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
12/JUN/2021 - 15/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
13/JUN/2021 - 16/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
14/JUN/2021 - 17/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
15/JUN/2021 - 18/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
16/JUN/2021 - 19/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
17/JUN/2021 - 20/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
18/JUN/2021 - 21/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
19/JUN/2021 - 22/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
20/JUN/2021 - 23/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
21/JUN/2021 - 24/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
22/JUN/2021 - 25/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
23/JUN/2021 - 26/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
24/JUN/2021 - 27/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
25/JUN/2021 - 28/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
26/JUN/2021 - 29/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
27/JUN/2021 - 30/JUN/2021 ORAU$11200
28/JUN/2021 - 01/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
29/JUN/2021 - 02/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
30/JUN/2021 - 03/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
01/JUL/2021 - 04/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
02/JUL/2021 - 05/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
03/JUL/2021 - 06/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
04/JUL/2021 - 07/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
05/JUL/2021 - 08/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
06/JUL/2021 - 09/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
07/JUL/2021 - 10/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
08/JUL/2021 - 11/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
09/JUL/2021 - 12/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
10/JUL/2021 - 13/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
11/JUL/2021 - 14/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
12/JUL/2021 - 15/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
13/JUL/2021 - 16/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
14/JUL/2021 - 17/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
15/JUL/2021 - 18/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
16/JUL/2021 - 19/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
17/JUL/2021 - 20/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
18/JUL/2021 - 21/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
19/JUL/2021 - 22/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
20/JUL/2021 - 23/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
21/JUL/2021 - 24/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
22/JUL/2021 - 25/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
23/JUL/2021 - 26/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
24/JUL/2021 - 27/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
25/JUL/2021 - 28/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
26/JUL/2021 - 29/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
27/JUL/2021 - 30/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
28/JUL/2021 - 31/JUL/2021 ORAU$11200
29/JUL/2021 - 01/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
30/JUL/2021 - 02/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
31/JUL/2021 - 03/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
01/AUG/2021 - 04/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
02/AUG/2021 - 05/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
03/AUG/2021 - 06/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
04/AUG/2021 - 07/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
05/AUG/2021 - 08/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
06/AUG/2021 - 09/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
07/AUG/2021 - 10/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
08/AUG/2021 - 11/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
09/AUG/2021 - 12/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
10/AUG/2021 - 13/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
11/AUG/2021 - 14/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
12/AUG/2021 - 15/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
13/AUG/2021 - 16/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
14/AUG/2021 - 17/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
15/AUG/2021 - 18/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
16/AUG/2021 - 19/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
17/AUG/2021 - 20/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
18/AUG/2021 - 21/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
19/AUG/2021 - 22/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
20/AUG/2021 - 23/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
21/AUG/2021 - 24/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
22/AUG/2021 - 25/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
23/AUG/2021 - 26/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
24/AUG/2021 - 27/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
25/AUG/2021 - 28/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
26/AUG/2021 - 29/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
27/AUG/2021 - 30/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
28/AUG/2021 - 31/AUG/2021 ORAU$11200
29/AUG/2021 - 01/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
30/AUG/2021 - 02/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
31/AUG/2021 - 03/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
01/SEP/2021 - 04/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
02/SEP/2021 - 05/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
03/SEP/2021 - 06/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
04/SEP/2021 - 07/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
05/SEP/2021 - 08/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
06/SEP/2021 - 09/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
07/SEP/2021 - 10/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
08/SEP/2021 - 11/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
09/SEP/2021 - 12/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
10/SEP/2021 - 13/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
11/SEP/2021 - 14/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
12/SEP/2021 - 15/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
13/SEP/2021 - 16/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
14/SEP/2021 - 17/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
15/SEP/2021 - 18/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
16/SEP/2021 - 19/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
17/SEP/2021 - 20/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
18/SEP/2021 - 21/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
19/SEP/2021 - 22/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
20/SEP/2021 - 23/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
21/SEP/2021 - 24/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
22/SEP/2021 - 25/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
23/SEP/2021 - 26/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
24/SEP/2021 - 27/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
25/SEP/2021 - 28/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
26/SEP/2021 - 29/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
27/SEP/2021 - 30/SEP/2021 ORAU$11200
28/SEP/2021 - 01/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
29/SEP/2021 - 02/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
30/SEP/2021 - 03/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
01/OCT/2021 - 04/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
02/OCT/2021 - 05/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
03/OCT/2021 - 06/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
04/OCT/2021 - 07/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
05/OCT/2021 - 08/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
06/OCT/2021 - 09/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
07/OCT/2021 - 10/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
08/OCT/2021 - 11/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
09/OCT/2021 - 12/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
10/OCT/2021 - 13/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
11/OCT/2021 - 14/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
12/OCT/2021 - 15/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
13/OCT/2021 - 16/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
14/OCT/2021 - 17/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
15/OCT/2021 - 18/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
16/OCT/2021 - 19/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
17/OCT/2021 - 20/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
18/OCT/2021 - 21/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
19/OCT/2021 - 22/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
20/OCT/2021 - 23/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
21/OCT/2021 - 24/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
22/OCT/2021 - 25/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
23/OCT/2021 - 26/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
24/OCT/2021 - 27/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
25/OCT/2021 - 28/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
26/OCT/2021 - 29/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
27/OCT/2021 - 30/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
28/OCT/2021 - 31/OCT/2021 ORAU$11200
29/OCT/2021 - 01/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
30/OCT/2021 - 02/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
31/OCT/2021 - 03/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
01/NOV/2021 - 04/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
02/NOV/2021 - 05/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
03/NOV/2021 - 06/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
04/NOV/2021 - 07/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
05/NOV/2021 - 08/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
06/NOV/2021 - 09/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
07/NOV/2021 - 10/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
08/NOV/2021 - 11/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
09/NOV/2021 - 12/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
10/NOV/2021 - 13/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
11/NOV/2021 - 14/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
12/NOV/2021 - 15/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
13/NOV/2021 - 16/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
14/NOV/2021 - 17/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
15/NOV/2021 - 18/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
16/NOV/2021 - 19/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
17/NOV/2021 - 20/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
18/NOV/2021 - 21/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
19/NOV/2021 - 22/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
20/NOV/2021 - 23/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
21/NOV/2021 - 24/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
22/NOV/2021 - 25/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
23/NOV/2021 - 26/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
24/NOV/2021 - 27/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
25/NOV/2021 - 28/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
26/NOV/2021 - 29/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
27/NOV/2021 - 30/NOV/2021 ORAU$11200
28/NOV/2021 - 01/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
29/NOV/2021 - 02/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
30/NOV/2021 - 03/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
01/DEC/2021 - 04/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
02/DEC/2021 - 05/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
03/DEC/2021 - 06/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
04/DEC/2021 - 07/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
05/DEC/2021 - 08/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
06/DEC/2021 - 09/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
07/DEC/2021 - 10/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
08/DEC/2021 - 11/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
09/DEC/2021 - 12/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
10/DEC/2021 - 13/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
11/DEC/2021 - 14/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
12/DEC/2021 - 15/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
13/DEC/2021 - 16/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
14/DEC/2021 - 17/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
15/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
16/DEC/2021 - 19/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
17/DEC/2021 - 20/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
18/DEC/2021 - 21/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
19/DEC/2021 - 22/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
20/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
21/DEC/2021 - 24/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
22/DEC/2021 - 25/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
23/DEC/2021 - 26/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
24/DEC/2021 - 27/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
25/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
26/DEC/2021 - 29/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
27/DEC/2021 - 30/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
28/DEC/2021 - 31/DEC/2021 ORAU$11200
29/DEC/2021 - 01/JAN/2022 ORAU$11200
30/DEC/2021 - 02/JAN/2022 ORAU$11200
31/DEC/2021 - 03/JAN/2022 ORAU$11200