Machu Picchu Experience – Independent

Day 1: Cusco

Welcome to Cusco – once the capital of the ancient Inca Empire. Your trip starts today with an airport arrival transfer to your accommodation. A local guide will welcome you this evening at approximately 7 pm to brief you on your adventure. Cusco’s main sites radiate outwards from the Plaza de Armas, which is dominated by the 17th-century Baroque cathedral. This is a city steeped in history, tradition and legend and is a perfect base for explorations into the Inca world or to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Take the time to acclimatise to the city's high altitude and explore the many Baroque churches and ancient temples that line the streets.

Day 2: Cusco

Head on a half-day walking tour with your local guide – you’ll work out a time to meet at your welcome meeting yesterday which suits you both. Today, you’ll pass multiple city sights, including Koricancha – once the richest temple in the Inca Empire, with the walls covered in some 700 solid-gold sheets. Continue to the city cathedral, which houses an impressive collection of art and an ornate neoclassical altar. Stroll down past the legendary Twelve Angled Stone towards the San Pedro Market, where you will find vegetables, meats, local cheeses, chocolates, herbal medicines and many artisanal crafts. As your walking tour will finish up around lunchtime, why not order a freshly squeezed juice, some fried pork or one of Cusco’s renowned chicken soups. Afterwards, spend the rest of the day discovering more of Cusco, perhaps visiting more sites included on your tourist pass, or simply strolling to find a traditional Peruvian restaurant for dinner.

Day 3: Sacred Valley – Aguas Calientes

Today, you’re off to the Sacred Valley for a full day. Located between the towns of Pisac and Ollantaytambo, this valley is greatly treasured because of its climate, fertile land and the presence of the Urubamba (Sacred) River. During the tour, you will see evidence of the Inca’s engineering skills in the ruins of ancient aqueducts, irrigation canals, dams on the Urubamba River, imposing sets of terraces and centres of worship dedicated to Pachamama (Mother Earth), and the stone fortress of Sacsayhuaman. Join with a local community for lunch, and if it happens to be market day, wander the stalls and hunt down beautiful handmade beads and ponchos. Continue on to archaeological site of Ollantaytambo – one of the few places where the Incas defeated the Spanish. Here, view the site from its upper terraces to get some great views of the well-planned tow below. Afterwards, take a train to Aguas Calientes – the town at the base of Machu Picchu.

Day 4: Machu Picchu – Cusco

Today is the day! Rise early for a 5.30 am bus along the winding road to Machu Picchu, which will take approximately 30 minutes. You will be joined by a local guide who will take you through the Inca ruins, a breathtaking sight at any time of the day. Built around 1450, the city was deserted less than a century later following the Spanish invasion and ‘lost’ for hundreds of years before it was rediscovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911. See the best of the citadel and learn more about the Inca Empire from your local guide, stopping for plenty of photo opportunities. Return to Cusco for the rest of the afternoon at leisure – after all of that wondrous sightseeing, why not celebrate with a pisco sour?

Day 5: Cusco

Your Independent Experience will come to an end today after breakfast. You will be transferred to the airport for your onward flight. Please ensure you advise of your flight details when booking your Machu Picchu Experience.

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
01/OCT/2020 - 05/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
02/OCT/2020 - 06/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
03/OCT/2020 - 07/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
04/OCT/2020 - 08/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
05/OCT/2020 - 09/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
06/OCT/2020 - 10/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
07/OCT/2020 - 11/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
08/OCT/2020 - 12/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
09/OCT/2020 - 13/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
10/OCT/2020 - 14/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
11/OCT/2020 - 15/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
12/OCT/2020 - 16/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
13/OCT/2020 - 17/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
14/OCT/2020 - 18/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
15/OCT/2020 - 19/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
16/OCT/2020 - 20/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
17/OCT/2020 - 21/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
18/OCT/2020 - 22/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
19/OCT/2020 - 23/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
20/OCT/2020 - 24/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
21/OCT/2020 - 25/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
22/OCT/2020 - 26/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
23/OCT/2020 - 27/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
24/OCT/2020 - 28/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
25/OCT/2020 - 29/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
26/OCT/2020 - 30/OCT/2020 FSAU$3155
27/OCT/2020 - 31/OCT/2020 FSAU$3005
28/OCT/2020 - 01/NOV/2020 FSAU$3005
29/OCT/2020 - 02/NOV/2020 FSAU$3005
30/OCT/2020 - 03/NOV/2020 FSAU$3155
31/OCT/2020 - 04/NOV/2020 FSAU$3155
01/NOV/2020 - 05/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
02/NOV/2020 - 06/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
03/NOV/2020 - 07/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
04/NOV/2020 - 08/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
05/NOV/2020 - 09/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
06/NOV/2020 - 10/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
07/NOV/2020 - 11/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
08/NOV/2020 - 12/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
09/NOV/2020 - 13/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
10/NOV/2020 - 14/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
11/NOV/2020 - 15/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
12/NOV/2020 - 16/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
13/NOV/2020 - 17/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
14/NOV/2020 - 18/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
15/NOV/2020 - 19/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
16/NOV/2020 - 20/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
17/NOV/2020 - 21/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
18/NOV/2020 - 22/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
19/NOV/2020 - 23/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
20/NOV/2020 - 24/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
21/NOV/2020 - 25/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
22/NOV/2020 - 26/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
23/NOV/2020 - 27/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
24/NOV/2020 - 28/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
25/NOV/2020 - 29/NOV/2020 FSAU$3020
26/NOV/2020 - 30/NOV/2020 FSAU$3170
27/NOV/2020 - 01/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
28/NOV/2020 - 02/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
29/NOV/2020 - 03/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
30/NOV/2020 - 04/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
01/DEC/2020 - 05/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
02/DEC/2020 - 06/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
03/DEC/2020 - 07/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
04/DEC/2020 - 08/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
05/DEC/2020 - 09/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
06/DEC/2020 - 10/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
07/DEC/2020 - 11/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
08/DEC/2020 - 12/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
09/DEC/2020 - 13/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
10/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
11/DEC/2020 - 15/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
12/DEC/2020 - 16/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
13/DEC/2020 - 17/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
14/DEC/2020 - 18/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
15/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
16/DEC/2020 - 20/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
17/DEC/2020 - 21/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
18/DEC/2020 - 22/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
19/DEC/2020 - 23/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
20/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
21/DEC/2020 - 25/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
22/DEC/2020 - 26/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
23/DEC/2020 - 27/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
24/DEC/2020 - 28/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
25/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
26/DEC/2020 - 30/DEC/2020 FSAU$3020
27/DEC/2020 - 31/DEC/2020 FSAU$3170
28/DEC/2020 - 01/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
29/DEC/2020 - 02/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
30/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
31/DEC/2020 - 04/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
01/JAN/2021 - 05/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
02/JAN/2021 - 06/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
03/JAN/2021 - 07/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
04/JAN/2021 - 08/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
05/JAN/2021 - 09/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
06/JAN/2021 - 10/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
07/JAN/2021 - 11/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
08/JAN/2021 - 12/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
09/JAN/2021 - 13/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
10/JAN/2021 - 14/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
11/JAN/2021 - 15/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
12/JAN/2021 - 16/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
13/JAN/2021 - 17/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
14/JAN/2021 - 18/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
15/JAN/2021 - 19/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
16/JAN/2021 - 20/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
17/JAN/2021 - 21/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
18/JAN/2021 - 22/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
19/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
20/JAN/2021 - 24/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
21/JAN/2021 - 25/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
22/JAN/2021 - 26/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
23/JAN/2021 - 27/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
24/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
25/JAN/2021 - 29/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
26/JAN/2021 - 30/JAN/2021 FSAU$3020
27/JAN/2021 - 31/JAN/2021 FSAU$3170
28/JAN/2021 - 01/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
29/JAN/2021 - 02/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
30/JAN/2021 - 03/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
31/JAN/2021 - 04/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
01/FEB/2021 - 05/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
02/FEB/2021 - 06/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
03/FEB/2021 - 07/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
04/FEB/2021 - 08/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
05/FEB/2021 - 09/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
06/FEB/2021 - 10/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
07/FEB/2021 - 11/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
08/FEB/2021 - 12/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
09/FEB/2021 - 13/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
10/FEB/2021 - 14/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
11/FEB/2021 - 15/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
12/FEB/2021 - 16/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
13/FEB/2021 - 17/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
14/FEB/2021 - 18/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
15/FEB/2021 - 19/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
16/FEB/2021 - 20/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
17/FEB/2021 - 21/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
18/FEB/2021 - 22/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
19/FEB/2021 - 23/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
20/FEB/2021 - 24/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
21/FEB/2021 - 25/FEB/2021 FSAU$3170
22/FEB/2021 - 26/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
23/FEB/2021 - 27/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
24/FEB/2021 - 28/FEB/2021 FSAU$3020
25/FEB/2021 - 01/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
26/FEB/2021 - 02/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
27/FEB/2021 - 03/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
28/FEB/2021 - 04/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
01/MAR/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
02/MAR/2021 - 06/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
03/MAR/2021 - 07/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
04/MAR/2021 - 08/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
05/MAR/2021 - 09/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
06/MAR/2021 - 10/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
07/MAR/2021 - 11/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
08/MAR/2021 - 12/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
09/MAR/2021 - 13/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
10/MAR/2021 - 14/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
11/MAR/2021 - 15/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
12/MAR/2021 - 16/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
13/MAR/2021 - 17/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
14/MAR/2021 - 18/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
15/MAR/2021 - 19/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
16/MAR/2021 - 20/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
17/MAR/2021 - 21/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
18/MAR/2021 - 22/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
19/MAR/2021 - 23/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
20/MAR/2021 - 24/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
21/MAR/2021 - 25/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
22/MAR/2021 - 26/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
23/MAR/2021 - 27/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
24/MAR/2021 - 28/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
25/MAR/2021 - 29/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
26/MAR/2021 - 30/MAR/2021 FSAU$3020
27/MAR/2021 - 31/MAR/2021 FSAU$3170
28/MAR/2021 - 01/APR/2021 FSAU$3020
29/MAR/2021 - 02/APR/2021 FSAU$3020
30/MAR/2021 - 03/APR/2021 FSAU$3020
31/MAR/2021 - 04/APR/2021 FSAU$3170
01/APR/2021 - 05/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
02/APR/2021 - 06/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
03/APR/2021 - 07/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
04/APR/2021 - 08/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
05/APR/2021 - 09/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
06/APR/2021 - 10/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
07/APR/2021 - 11/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
08/APR/2021 - 12/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
09/APR/2021 - 13/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
10/APR/2021 - 14/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
11/APR/2021 - 15/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
12/APR/2021 - 16/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
13/APR/2021 - 17/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
14/APR/2021 - 18/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
15/APR/2021 - 19/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
16/APR/2021 - 20/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
17/APR/2021 - 21/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
18/APR/2021 - 22/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
19/APR/2021 - 23/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
20/APR/2021 - 24/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
21/APR/2021 - 25/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
22/APR/2021 - 26/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
23/APR/2021 - 27/APR/2021 FSAU$3155
24/APR/2021 - 28/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
25/APR/2021 - 29/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
26/APR/2021 - 30/APR/2021 FSAU$3005
27/APR/2021 - 01/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
28/APR/2021 - 02/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
29/APR/2021 - 03/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
30/APR/2021 - 04/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
01/MAY/2021 - 05/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
02/MAY/2021 - 06/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
03/MAY/2021 - 07/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
04/MAY/2021 - 08/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
05/MAY/2021 - 09/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
06/MAY/2021 - 10/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
07/MAY/2021 - 11/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
08/MAY/2021 - 12/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
09/MAY/2021 - 13/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
10/MAY/2021 - 14/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
11/MAY/2021 - 15/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
12/MAY/2021 - 16/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
13/MAY/2021 - 17/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
14/MAY/2021 - 18/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
15/MAY/2021 - 19/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
16/MAY/2021 - 20/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
17/MAY/2021 - 21/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
18/MAY/2021 - 22/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
19/MAY/2021 - 23/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
20/MAY/2021 - 24/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
21/MAY/2021 - 25/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
22/MAY/2021 - 26/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
23/MAY/2021 - 27/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
24/MAY/2021 - 28/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
25/MAY/2021 - 29/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
26/MAY/2021 - 30/MAY/2021 FSAU$3005
27/MAY/2021 - 31/MAY/2021 FSAU$3155
28/MAY/2021 - 01/JUN/2021 FSAU$3005
29/MAY/2021 - 02/JUN/2021 FSAU$3005
30/MAY/2021 - 03/JUN/2021 FSAU$3155
31/MAY/2021 - 04/JUN/2021 FSAU$3005
01/JUN/2021 - 05/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
02/JUN/2021 - 06/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
03/JUN/2021 - 07/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
04/JUN/2021 - 08/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
05/JUN/2021 - 09/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
06/JUN/2021 - 10/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
07/JUN/2021 - 11/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
08/JUN/2021 - 12/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
09/JUN/2021 - 13/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
10/JUN/2021 - 14/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
11/JUN/2021 - 15/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
12/JUN/2021 - 16/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
13/JUN/2021 - 17/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
14/JUN/2021 - 18/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
15/JUN/2021 - 19/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
16/JUN/2021 - 20/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
17/JUN/2021 - 21/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
18/JUN/2021 - 22/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
19/JUN/2021 - 23/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
20/JUN/2021 - 24/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
21/JUN/2021 - 25/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
22/JUN/2021 - 26/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
23/JUN/2021 - 27/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
24/JUN/2021 - 28/JUN/2021 FSAU$3275
25/JUN/2021 - 29/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
26/JUN/2021 - 30/JUN/2021 FSAU$3120
27/JUN/2021 - 01/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
28/JUN/2021 - 02/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
29/JUN/2021 - 03/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
30/JUN/2021 - 04/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
01/JUL/2021 - 05/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
02/JUL/2021 - 06/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
03/JUL/2021 - 07/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
04/JUL/2021 - 08/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
05/JUL/2021 - 09/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
06/JUL/2021 - 10/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
07/JUL/2021 - 11/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
08/JUL/2021 - 12/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
09/JUL/2021 - 13/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
10/JUL/2021 - 14/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
11/JUL/2021 - 15/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
12/JUL/2021 - 16/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
13/JUL/2021 - 17/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
14/JUL/2021 - 18/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
15/JUL/2021 - 19/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
16/JUL/2021 - 20/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
17/JUL/2021 - 21/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
18/JUL/2021 - 22/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
19/JUL/2021 - 23/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
20/JUL/2021 - 24/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
21/JUL/2021 - 25/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
22/JUL/2021 - 26/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
23/JUL/2021 - 27/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
24/JUL/2021 - 28/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
25/JUL/2021 - 29/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
26/JUL/2021 - 30/JUL/2021 FSAU$3275
27/JUL/2021 - 31/JUL/2021 FSAU$3120
28/JUL/2021 - 01/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
29/JUL/2021 - 02/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
30/JUL/2021 - 03/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
31/JUL/2021 - 04/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
01/AUG/2021 - 05/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
02/AUG/2021 - 06/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
03/AUG/2021 - 07/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
04/AUG/2021 - 08/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
05/AUG/2021 - 09/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
06/AUG/2021 - 10/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
07/AUG/2021 - 11/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
08/AUG/2021 - 12/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
09/AUG/2021 - 13/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
10/AUG/2021 - 14/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
11/AUG/2021 - 15/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
12/AUG/2021 - 16/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
13/AUG/2021 - 17/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
14/AUG/2021 - 18/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
15/AUG/2021 - 19/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
16/AUG/2021 - 20/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
17/AUG/2021 - 21/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
18/AUG/2021 - 22/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
19/AUG/2021 - 23/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
20/AUG/2021 - 24/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
21/AUG/2021 - 25/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
22/AUG/2021 - 26/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
23/AUG/2021 - 27/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
24/AUG/2021 - 28/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
25/AUG/2021 - 29/AUG/2021 FSAU$3275
26/AUG/2021 - 30/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
27/AUG/2021 - 31/AUG/2021 FSAU$3120
28/AUG/2021 - 01/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
29/AUG/2021 - 02/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
30/AUG/2021 - 03/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
31/AUG/2021 - 04/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
01/SEP/2021 - 05/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
02/SEP/2021 - 06/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
03/SEP/2021 - 07/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
04/SEP/2021 - 08/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
05/SEP/2021 - 09/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
06/SEP/2021 - 10/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
07/SEP/2021 - 11/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
08/SEP/2021 - 12/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
09/SEP/2021 - 13/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
10/SEP/2021 - 14/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
11/SEP/2021 - 15/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
12/SEP/2021 - 16/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
13/SEP/2021 - 17/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
14/SEP/2021 - 18/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
15/SEP/2021 - 19/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
16/SEP/2021 - 20/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
17/SEP/2021 - 21/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
18/SEP/2021 - 22/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
19/SEP/2021 - 23/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
20/SEP/2021 - 24/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
21/SEP/2021 - 25/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
22/SEP/2021 - 26/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
23/SEP/2021 - 27/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
24/SEP/2021 - 28/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
25/SEP/2021 - 29/SEP/2021 FSAU$3275
26/SEP/2021 - 30/SEP/2021 FSAU$3120
27/SEP/2021 - 01/OCT/2021 FSAU$3120
28/SEP/2021 - 02/OCT/2021 FSAU$3120
29/SEP/2021 - 03/OCT/2021 FSAU$3120
30/SEP/2021 - 04/OCT/2021 FSAU$3120
01/OCT/2021 - 05/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
02/OCT/2021 - 06/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
03/OCT/2021 - 07/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
04/OCT/2021 - 08/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
05/OCT/2021 - 09/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
06/OCT/2021 - 10/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
07/OCT/2021 - 11/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
08/OCT/2021 - 12/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
09/OCT/2021 - 13/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
10/OCT/2021 - 14/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
11/OCT/2021 - 15/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
12/OCT/2021 - 16/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
13/OCT/2021 - 17/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
14/OCT/2021 - 18/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
15/OCT/2021 - 19/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
16/OCT/2021 - 20/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
17/OCT/2021 - 21/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
18/OCT/2021 - 22/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
19/OCT/2021 - 23/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
20/OCT/2021 - 24/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
21/OCT/2021 - 25/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
22/OCT/2021 - 26/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
23/OCT/2021 - 27/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
24/OCT/2021 - 28/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
25/OCT/2021 - 29/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
26/OCT/2021 - 30/OCT/2021 FSAU$3155
27/OCT/2021 - 31/OCT/2021 FSAU$3005
28/OCT/2021 - 01/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
29/OCT/2021 - 02/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
30/OCT/2021 - 03/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
31/OCT/2021 - 04/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
01/NOV/2021 - 05/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
02/NOV/2021 - 06/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
03/NOV/2021 - 07/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
04/NOV/2021 - 08/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
05/NOV/2021 - 09/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
06/NOV/2021 - 10/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
07/NOV/2021 - 11/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
08/NOV/2021 - 12/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
09/NOV/2021 - 13/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
10/NOV/2021 - 14/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
11/NOV/2021 - 15/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
12/NOV/2021 - 16/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
13/NOV/2021 - 17/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
14/NOV/2021 - 18/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
15/NOV/2021 - 19/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
16/NOV/2021 - 20/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
17/NOV/2021 - 21/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
18/NOV/2021 - 22/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
19/NOV/2021 - 23/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
20/NOV/2021 - 24/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
21/NOV/2021 - 25/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
22/NOV/2021 - 26/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
23/NOV/2021 - 27/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
24/NOV/2021 - 28/NOV/2021 FSAU$3155
25/NOV/2021 - 29/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
26/NOV/2021 - 30/NOV/2021 FSAU$3005
27/NOV/2021 - 01/DEC/2021 FSAU$3005
28/NOV/2021 - 02/DEC/2021 FSAU$3155
29/NOV/2021 - 03/DEC/2021 FSAU$3005
30/NOV/2021 - 04/DEC/2021 FSAU$3155
01/DEC/2021 - 05/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
02/DEC/2021 - 06/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
03/DEC/2021 - 07/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
04/DEC/2021 - 08/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
05/DEC/2021 - 09/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
06/DEC/2021 - 10/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
07/DEC/2021 - 11/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
08/DEC/2021 - 12/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
09/DEC/2021 - 13/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
10/DEC/2021 - 14/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
11/DEC/2021 - 15/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
12/DEC/2021 - 16/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
13/DEC/2021 - 17/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
14/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
15/DEC/2021 - 19/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
16/DEC/2021 - 20/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
17/DEC/2021 - 21/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
18/DEC/2021 - 22/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
19/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
20/DEC/2021 - 24/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
21/DEC/2021 - 25/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
22/DEC/2021 - 26/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
23/DEC/2021 - 27/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
24/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
25/DEC/2021 - 29/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
26/DEC/2021 - 30/DEC/2021 FSAU$3020
27/DEC/2021 - 31/DEC/2021 FSAU$3170
28/DEC/2021 - 01/JAN/2022 FSAU$3020
29/DEC/2021 - 02/JAN/2022 FSAU$3020
30/DEC/2021 - 03/JAN/2022 FSAU$3020
31/DEC/2021 - 04/JAN/2022 FSAU$3020