Machu Picchu by Hiram Bingham Train Experience – Independent

Day 1: Cusco

Bienvenido! Welcome to Cusco, the historic heartland and former capital of the Inca Empire. If you are flying into Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport today, you will enjoy a complimentary transfer from the airport to your hotel. Your local guide will meet you this evening at approximately 7 pm at the hotel to explain the schedule for the next few days.

Day 2: Cusco

Leave the hotel between 8 am and 9 am this morning for a walking tour with your local guide. The walking tour lasts approximately 4 hours and will visit a number of key sites in Cusco. One such site is Koricancha, which was once the richest temple in the Inca Empire, but all that remains today is the temple’s masterful stonework. Afterwards, visit the cathedral in Plaza de Armas, which took almost a century to build. In the same plaza, you’ll also see the 12 Angled Stone – a masonry marvel that demonstrates the engineering skills of the Inca. Continue to the San Pedro Market, where you have the chance to sample local cheeses and chocolates. The walking tour comes to an end just in time for lunch. The rest of today is free for you to explore at your leisure.

Day 3: Hiram Bingham Train – Aguas Calientes – Ollantaytambo

Today you’ll encounter Peru’s iconic citadel: Machu Picchu. You will be picked up at the hotel at approximately 7.15 am and transferred to Poroy Train Station. Board the Belmond Hiram Bingham train, named after the explorer who publicised the existence of Machu Picchu in 1911. Depart at 8.10 am and enjoy an included brunch on board, including a glass of sparkling wine or freshly squeezed juice with a traditional Peruvian appetiser, followed by a main course and dessert. The menu is seasonal but usually includes delicious dishes such as quinoa tabouleh and smoked trout, or a traditional lomo saltado (similar to a beef stir fry). Arrive in Aguas Calientes around 12.30 pm and board a bus to Machu Picchu for a guided tour of the ruins. After working up an appetite, enjoy tea and snacks at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge – the only hotel that operates at Machu Picchu. In the early evening, take the Vistadome train to Ollantaytambo. Arrive around 8 pm then transfer to the hotel. Dinner is at your own expense in either the hotel or in town.

Day 4: Sacred Valley – Cusco

Rise and shine for a day exploring. Begin with Ollantaytambo, one of the few places where the Inca were able to successfully repel the Spanish. This is partly due to the town’s location at the base of the mountains and its steep terraced fortress, which is the main archaeological site today. Try and spot the faces that appear in the surrounding cliffs and hear how the food was precariously stored at height. Next, embark on a bus tour of the Sacred Valley, greatly treasured because of its climate, fertile land and the presence of the Urubamba (Sacred) River. Explore ancient aqueducts, irrigation canals, dams, agricultural terraces and centres of worship dedicated to Pachamama (Mother Earth). Visit a local community to gain greater insight into their lifestyle and enjoy lunch with the locals. If your visit happens to coincide with market day there will be an opportunity to wander the stalls. Return to Cusco in the afternoon, stopping en route just outside the city to visit the stone fortress of Sacsayhuaman. The rest of your day is free for you to relax or sightsee at your leisure.

Day 5: Cusco

This Independent Experience comes to an end today after breakfast. If you have booked an onward flight today, you can take a complimentary airport transfer. If you would like to extend your stay in Cusco, we will happily organise additional accommodation on your behalf. Simply tell a Peregrine representative at the time of booking.

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
01/OCT/2020 - 05/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
02/OCT/2020 - 06/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
03/OCT/2020 - 07/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
04/OCT/2020 - 08/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
05/OCT/2020 - 09/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
06/OCT/2020 - 10/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
07/OCT/2020 - 11/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
08/OCT/2020 - 12/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
09/OCT/2020 - 13/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
10/OCT/2020 - 14/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
11/OCT/2020 - 15/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
12/OCT/2020 - 16/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
13/OCT/2020 - 17/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
14/OCT/2020 - 18/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
15/OCT/2020 - 19/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
16/OCT/2020 - 20/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
17/OCT/2020 - 21/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
18/OCT/2020 - 22/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
19/OCT/2020 - 23/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
20/OCT/2020 - 24/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
21/OCT/2020 - 25/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
22/OCT/2020 - 26/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
23/OCT/2020 - 27/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
24/OCT/2020 - 28/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
25/OCT/2020 - 29/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
26/OCT/2020 - 30/OCT/2020 ORAU$4150
27/OCT/2020 - 31/OCT/2020 ORAU$4355
28/OCT/2020 - 01/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
29/OCT/2020 - 02/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
30/OCT/2020 - 03/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
31/OCT/2020 - 04/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
01/NOV/2020 - 05/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
02/NOV/2020 - 06/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
03/NOV/2020 - 07/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
04/NOV/2020 - 08/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
05/NOV/2020 - 09/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
06/NOV/2020 - 10/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
07/NOV/2020 - 11/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
08/NOV/2020 - 12/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
09/NOV/2020 - 13/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
10/NOV/2020 - 14/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
11/NOV/2020 - 15/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
12/NOV/2020 - 16/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
13/NOV/2020 - 17/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
14/NOV/2020 - 18/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
15/NOV/2020 - 19/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
16/NOV/2020 - 20/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
17/NOV/2020 - 21/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
18/NOV/2020 - 22/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
19/NOV/2020 - 23/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
20/NOV/2020 - 24/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
21/NOV/2020 - 25/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
22/NOV/2020 - 26/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
23/NOV/2020 - 27/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
24/NOV/2020 - 28/NOV/2020 ORAU$4355
25/NOV/2020 - 29/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
26/NOV/2020 - 30/NOV/2020 ORAU$4150
27/NOV/2020 - 01/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
28/NOV/2020 - 02/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
29/NOV/2020 - 03/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
30/NOV/2020 - 04/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
01/DEC/2020 - 05/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
02/DEC/2020 - 06/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
03/DEC/2020 - 07/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
04/DEC/2020 - 08/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
05/DEC/2020 - 09/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
06/DEC/2020 - 10/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
07/DEC/2020 - 11/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
08/DEC/2020 - 12/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
09/DEC/2020 - 13/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
10/DEC/2020 - 14/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
11/DEC/2020 - 15/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
12/DEC/2020 - 16/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
13/DEC/2020 - 17/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
14/DEC/2020 - 18/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
15/DEC/2020 - 19/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
16/DEC/2020 - 20/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
17/DEC/2020 - 21/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
18/DEC/2020 - 22/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
19/DEC/2020 - 23/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
20/DEC/2020 - 24/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
21/DEC/2020 - 25/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
22/DEC/2020 - 26/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
23/DEC/2020 - 27/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
24/DEC/2020 - 28/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
25/DEC/2020 - 29/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
26/DEC/2020 - 30/DEC/2020 ORAU$4355
27/DEC/2020 - 31/DEC/2020 ORAU$4150
28/DEC/2020 - 01/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
29/DEC/2020 - 02/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
30/DEC/2020 - 03/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
31/DEC/2020 - 04/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
01/JAN/2021 - 05/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
02/JAN/2021 - 06/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
03/JAN/2021 - 07/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
04/JAN/2021 - 08/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
05/JAN/2021 - 09/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
06/JAN/2021 - 10/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
07/JAN/2021 - 11/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
08/JAN/2021 - 12/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
09/JAN/2021 - 13/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
10/JAN/2021 - 14/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
11/JAN/2021 - 15/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
12/JAN/2021 - 16/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
13/JAN/2021 - 17/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
14/JAN/2021 - 18/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
15/JAN/2021 - 19/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
16/JAN/2021 - 20/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
17/JAN/2021 - 21/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
18/JAN/2021 - 22/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
19/JAN/2021 - 23/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
20/JAN/2021 - 24/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
21/JAN/2021 - 25/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
22/JAN/2021 - 26/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
23/JAN/2021 - 27/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
24/JAN/2021 - 28/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
25/JAN/2021 - 29/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
26/JAN/2021 - 30/JAN/2021 ORAU$4150
27/JAN/2021 - 31/JAN/2021 ORAU$4355
28/JAN/2021 - 01/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
29/JAN/2021 - 02/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
30/JAN/2021 - 03/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
31/JAN/2021 - 04/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
01/FEB/2021 - 05/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
02/FEB/2021 - 06/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
03/FEB/2021 - 07/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
04/FEB/2021 - 08/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
05/FEB/2021 - 09/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
06/FEB/2021 - 10/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
07/FEB/2021 - 11/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
08/FEB/2021 - 12/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
09/FEB/2021 - 13/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
10/FEB/2021 - 14/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
11/FEB/2021 - 15/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
12/FEB/2021 - 16/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
13/FEB/2021 - 17/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
14/FEB/2021 - 18/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
15/FEB/2021 - 19/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
16/FEB/2021 - 20/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
17/FEB/2021 - 21/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
18/FEB/2021 - 22/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
19/FEB/2021 - 23/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
20/FEB/2021 - 24/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
21/FEB/2021 - 25/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
22/FEB/2021 - 26/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
23/FEB/2021 - 27/FEB/2021 ORAU$4355
24/FEB/2021 - 28/FEB/2021 ORAU$4150
25/FEB/2021 - 01/MAR/2021 ORAU$4150
26/FEB/2021 - 02/MAR/2021 ORAU$4355
27/FEB/2021 - 03/MAR/2021 ORAU$4150
28/FEB/2021 - 04/MAR/2021 ORAU$4150
01/MAR/2021 - 05/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
02/MAR/2021 - 06/MAR/2021 ORAU$4345
03/MAR/2021 - 07/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
04/MAR/2021 - 08/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
05/MAR/2021 - 09/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
06/MAR/2021 - 10/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
07/MAR/2021 - 11/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
08/MAR/2021 - 12/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
09/MAR/2021 - 13/MAR/2021 ORAU$4345
10/MAR/2021 - 14/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
11/MAR/2021 - 15/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
12/MAR/2021 - 16/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
13/MAR/2021 - 17/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
14/MAR/2021 - 18/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
15/MAR/2021 - 19/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
16/MAR/2021 - 20/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
17/MAR/2021 - 21/MAR/2021 ORAU$4345
18/MAR/2021 - 22/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
19/MAR/2021 - 23/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
20/MAR/2021 - 24/MAR/2021 ORAU$4345
21/MAR/2021 - 25/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
22/MAR/2021 - 26/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
23/MAR/2021 - 27/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
24/MAR/2021 - 28/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
25/MAR/2021 - 29/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
26/MAR/2021 - 30/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
27/MAR/2021 - 31/MAR/2021 ORAU$4140
28/MAR/2021 - 01/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
29/MAR/2021 - 02/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
30/MAR/2021 - 03/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
31/MAR/2021 - 04/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
01/APR/2021 - 05/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
02/APR/2021 - 06/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
03/APR/2021 - 07/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
04/APR/2021 - 08/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
05/APR/2021 - 09/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
06/APR/2021 - 10/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
07/APR/2021 - 11/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
08/APR/2021 - 12/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
09/APR/2021 - 13/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
10/APR/2021 - 14/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
11/APR/2021 - 15/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
12/APR/2021 - 16/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
13/APR/2021 - 17/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
14/APR/2021 - 18/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
15/APR/2021 - 19/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
16/APR/2021 - 20/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
17/APR/2021 - 21/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
18/APR/2021 - 22/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
19/APR/2021 - 23/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
20/APR/2021 - 24/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
21/APR/2021 - 25/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
22/APR/2021 - 26/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
23/APR/2021 - 27/APR/2021 ORAU$4345
24/APR/2021 - 28/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
25/APR/2021 - 29/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
26/APR/2021 - 30/APR/2021 ORAU$4140
27/APR/2021 - 01/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
28/APR/2021 - 02/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
29/APR/2021 - 03/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
30/APR/2021 - 04/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
01/MAY/2021 - 05/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
02/MAY/2021 - 06/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
03/MAY/2021 - 07/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
04/MAY/2021 - 08/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
05/MAY/2021 - 09/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
06/MAY/2021 - 10/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
07/MAY/2021 - 11/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
08/MAY/2021 - 12/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
09/MAY/2021 - 13/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
10/MAY/2021 - 14/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
11/MAY/2021 - 15/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
12/MAY/2021 - 16/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
13/MAY/2021 - 17/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
14/MAY/2021 - 18/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
15/MAY/2021 - 19/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
16/MAY/2021 - 20/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
17/MAY/2021 - 21/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
18/MAY/2021 - 22/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
19/MAY/2021 - 23/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
20/MAY/2021 - 24/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
21/MAY/2021 - 25/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
22/MAY/2021 - 26/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
23/MAY/2021 - 27/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
24/MAY/2021 - 28/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
25/MAY/2021 - 29/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
26/MAY/2021 - 30/MAY/2021 ORAU$4345
27/MAY/2021 - 31/MAY/2021 ORAU$4140
28/MAY/2021 - 01/JUN/2021 ORAU$4345
29/MAY/2021 - 02/JUN/2021 ORAU$4140
30/MAY/2021 - 03/JUN/2021 ORAU$4140
31/MAY/2021 - 04/JUN/2021 ORAU$4345
01/JUN/2021 - 05/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
02/JUN/2021 - 06/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
03/JUN/2021 - 07/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
04/JUN/2021 - 08/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
05/JUN/2021 - 09/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
06/JUN/2021 - 10/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
07/JUN/2021 - 11/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
08/JUN/2021 - 12/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
09/JUN/2021 - 13/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
10/JUN/2021 - 14/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
11/JUN/2021 - 15/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
12/JUN/2021 - 16/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
13/JUN/2021 - 17/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
14/JUN/2021 - 18/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
15/JUN/2021 - 19/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
16/JUN/2021 - 20/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
17/JUN/2021 - 21/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
18/JUN/2021 - 22/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
19/JUN/2021 - 23/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
20/JUN/2021 - 24/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
21/JUN/2021 - 25/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
22/JUN/2021 - 26/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
23/JUN/2021 - 27/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
24/JUN/2021 - 28/JUN/2021 ORAU$4300
25/JUN/2021 - 29/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
26/JUN/2021 - 30/JUN/2021 ORAU$4515
27/JUN/2021 - 01/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
28/JUN/2021 - 02/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
29/JUN/2021 - 03/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
30/JUN/2021 - 04/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
01/JUL/2021 - 05/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
02/JUL/2021 - 06/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
03/JUL/2021 - 07/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
04/JUL/2021 - 08/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
05/JUL/2021 - 09/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
06/JUL/2021 - 10/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
07/JUL/2021 - 11/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
08/JUL/2021 - 12/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
09/JUL/2021 - 13/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
10/JUL/2021 - 14/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
11/JUL/2021 - 15/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
12/JUL/2021 - 16/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
13/JUL/2021 - 17/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
14/JUL/2021 - 18/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
15/JUL/2021 - 19/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
16/JUL/2021 - 20/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
17/JUL/2021 - 21/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
18/JUL/2021 - 22/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
19/JUL/2021 - 23/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
20/JUL/2021 - 24/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
21/JUL/2021 - 25/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
22/JUL/2021 - 26/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
23/JUL/2021 - 27/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
24/JUL/2021 - 28/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
25/JUL/2021 - 29/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
26/JUL/2021 - 30/JUL/2021 ORAU$4300
27/JUL/2021 - 31/JUL/2021 ORAU$4515
28/JUL/2021 - 01/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
29/JUL/2021 - 02/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
30/JUL/2021 - 03/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
31/JUL/2021 - 04/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
01/AUG/2021 - 05/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
02/AUG/2021 - 06/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
03/AUG/2021 - 07/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
04/AUG/2021 - 08/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
05/AUG/2021 - 09/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
06/AUG/2021 - 10/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
07/AUG/2021 - 11/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
08/AUG/2021 - 12/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
09/AUG/2021 - 13/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
10/AUG/2021 - 14/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
11/AUG/2021 - 15/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
12/AUG/2021 - 16/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
13/AUG/2021 - 17/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
14/AUG/2021 - 18/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
15/AUG/2021 - 19/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
16/AUG/2021 - 20/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
17/AUG/2021 - 21/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
18/AUG/2021 - 22/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
19/AUG/2021 - 23/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
20/AUG/2021 - 24/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
21/AUG/2021 - 25/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
22/AUG/2021 - 26/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
23/AUG/2021 - 27/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
24/AUG/2021 - 28/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
25/AUG/2021 - 29/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
26/AUG/2021 - 30/AUG/2021 ORAU$4515
27/AUG/2021 - 31/AUG/2021 ORAU$4300
28/AUG/2021 - 01/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
29/AUG/2021 - 02/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
30/AUG/2021 - 03/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
31/AUG/2021 - 04/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
01/SEP/2021 - 05/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
02/SEP/2021 - 06/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
03/SEP/2021 - 07/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
04/SEP/2021 - 08/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
05/SEP/2021 - 09/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
06/SEP/2021 - 10/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
07/SEP/2021 - 11/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
08/SEP/2021 - 12/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
09/SEP/2021 - 13/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
10/SEP/2021 - 14/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
11/SEP/2021 - 15/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
12/SEP/2021 - 16/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
13/SEP/2021 - 17/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
14/SEP/2021 - 18/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
15/SEP/2021 - 19/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
16/SEP/2021 - 20/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
17/SEP/2021 - 21/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
18/SEP/2021 - 22/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
19/SEP/2021 - 23/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
20/SEP/2021 - 24/SEP/2021 ORAU$4515
21/SEP/2021 - 25/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
22/SEP/2021 - 26/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
23/SEP/2021 - 27/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
24/SEP/2021 - 28/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
25/SEP/2021 - 29/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
26/SEP/2021 - 30/SEP/2021 ORAU$4300
27/SEP/2021 - 01/OCT/2021 ORAU$4300
28/SEP/2021 - 02/OCT/2021 ORAU$4300
29/SEP/2021 - 03/OCT/2021 ORAU$4300
30/SEP/2021 - 04/OCT/2021 ORAU$4300
01/OCT/2021 - 05/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
02/OCT/2021 - 06/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
03/OCT/2021 - 07/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
04/OCT/2021 - 08/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
05/OCT/2021 - 09/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
06/OCT/2021 - 10/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
07/OCT/2021 - 11/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
08/OCT/2021 - 12/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
09/OCT/2021 - 13/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
10/OCT/2021 - 14/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
11/OCT/2021 - 15/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
12/OCT/2021 - 16/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
13/OCT/2021 - 17/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
14/OCT/2021 - 18/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
15/OCT/2021 - 19/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
16/OCT/2021 - 20/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
17/OCT/2021 - 21/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
18/OCT/2021 - 22/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
19/OCT/2021 - 23/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
20/OCT/2021 - 24/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
21/OCT/2021 - 25/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
22/OCT/2021 - 26/OCT/2021 ORAU$4345
23/OCT/2021 - 27/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
24/OCT/2021 - 28/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
25/OCT/2021 - 29/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
26/OCT/2021 - 30/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
27/OCT/2021 - 31/OCT/2021 ORAU$4140
28/OCT/2021 - 01/NOV/2021 ORAU$4345
29/OCT/2021 - 02/NOV/2021 ORAU$4140
30/OCT/2021 - 03/NOV/2021 ORAU$4140
31/OCT/2021 - 04/NOV/2021 ORAU$4140
01/NOV/2021 - 05/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
02/NOV/2021 - 06/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
03/NOV/2021 - 07/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
04/NOV/2021 - 08/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
05/NOV/2021 - 09/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
06/NOV/2021 - 10/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
07/NOV/2021 - 11/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
08/NOV/2021 - 12/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
09/NOV/2021 - 13/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
10/NOV/2021 - 14/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
11/NOV/2021 - 15/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
12/NOV/2021 - 16/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
13/NOV/2021 - 17/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
14/NOV/2021 - 18/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
15/NOV/2021 - 19/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
16/NOV/2021 - 20/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
17/NOV/2021 - 21/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
18/NOV/2021 - 22/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
19/NOV/2021 - 23/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
20/NOV/2021 - 24/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
21/NOV/2021 - 25/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
22/NOV/2021 - 26/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
23/NOV/2021 - 27/NOV/2021 ORAU$4355
24/NOV/2021 - 28/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
25/NOV/2021 - 29/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
26/NOV/2021 - 30/NOV/2021 ORAU$4150
27/NOV/2021 - 01/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
28/NOV/2021 - 02/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
29/NOV/2021 - 03/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
30/NOV/2021 - 04/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
01/DEC/2021 - 05/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
02/DEC/2021 - 06/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
03/DEC/2021 - 07/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
04/DEC/2021 - 08/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
05/DEC/2021 - 09/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
06/DEC/2021 - 10/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
07/DEC/2021 - 11/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
08/DEC/2021 - 12/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
09/DEC/2021 - 13/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
10/DEC/2021 - 14/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
11/DEC/2021 - 15/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
12/DEC/2021 - 16/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
13/DEC/2021 - 17/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
14/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
15/DEC/2021 - 19/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
16/DEC/2021 - 20/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
17/DEC/2021 - 21/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
18/DEC/2021 - 22/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
19/DEC/2021 - 23/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
20/DEC/2021 - 24/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
21/DEC/2021 - 25/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
22/DEC/2021 - 26/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
23/DEC/2021 - 27/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
24/DEC/2021 - 28/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
25/DEC/2021 - 29/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
26/DEC/2021 - 30/DEC/2021 ORAU$4355
27/DEC/2021 - 31/DEC/2021 ORAU$4150
28/DEC/2021 - 01/JAN/2022 ORAU$4355
29/DEC/2021 - 02/JAN/2022 ORAU$4150
30/DEC/2021 - 03/JAN/2022 ORAU$4150
31/DEC/2021 - 04/JAN/2022 ORAU$4355