Broome to the Bungle Bungles

Day 1: Geikie Gorge & Fitzroy Crossing

Hitting the road east, stop in at Old Fitzroy Crossing before joining a local National Park Ranger on a guided cruise through majestic Geikie Gorge. Carved between the Geikie and Oscar ranges over time, Geikie Gorge is an awe-inspiring place that's home to a huge array of wildlife. Learn about the region's intriguing geology during the cruise, and be sure to keep an eye out for its freshwater crocodiles, birds and fish. In the evening, camp by the Fitzroy River and tuck into our famous Kimberley BBQ.

Day 2: China Wall & Purnululu National Park

En route to Purnululu National Park, stop in at the old gold rush town of Halls Creek for a gander at Australia's version of the China Wall. Purnululu is better known as the home of the Bungle Bungles, unique orange and black-striped 'beehive' formations that are over 20 million years old. On arrival there'll be time for setting up and settling into camp before witnessing a memorable bush sunset. See the evening out with a delicious dinner, then fell asleep under canvas amid the sounds of the bush.

Day 3: Bungle Bungles

Spend today exploring the extraordinary landscape of Purnululu. It might be hard to believe, but up until the 1980s it was only locals who knew that the Bungle Bungles existed. To protect its unique landscape, the area was made a national park in 1987 and now has World Heritage status. We'll explore the Echidna Chasm, known for its towering Livistonia Palms, and take a short walk into Cathedral Gorge where towering rock walls create a natural amphitheatre (2-3km). In the afternoon there'll be the chance to take a scenic flight and get a birds-eye view of the beehive domes (Flight is optional and at own expense).

Day 4: Mimbi caves and Fitzroy Crossing

Bidding farewell to Purnululu, travel to the Mimbi Caves: one of Western Australia's largest cave systems and oldest identified sites of human occupation. Located in the heart of Gooniyandi Country, these limestone caves are also of profound spiritual significance. On a guided tour through Mimbi's pools, fossils and ancient rock art, a local Gooniyandi guide will explain the concept of the Creation-time through traditional stories. At the end, share fresh damper and billy tea with the Gooniyandi traditional owners before continuing on to Fitzroy Crossing.

Day 5: Windjana Gorge & Tunnel Creek

Following a night by the Fitzroy River we head west into Bunuba country. Once a Devonian reef, this terrain is over 350 million years old and home to a diverse array of plants and animal. Explore the 750-metre cave system of Tunnel Creek. While touring the cave and its stalactites, hear the story of Jandamarra, an Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander freedom fighter who used the tunnel as a hide-out in the late 1800s. Freshen up with a swim in the waterhole at the end of the tunnel, then travel on to the geological wonder of Windjana Gorge. Beneath gorge walls rising 90m high, enjoy a picnic lunch and search for freshwater crocodiles, local birdlife and traditional bushtucker. The Gibb River Road then takes us out of the Napier Ranges and into Broome via the Derby ‘Boab Prison Tree’ before heading back to Broome as the sun sets.

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
05/MAY/2020 - 09/MAY/2020 OR DGAU$1822
12/MAY/2020 - 16/MAY/2020 OR DGAU$1822
19/MAY/2020 - 23/MAY/2020 OR DGAU$1822
26/MAY/2020 - 30/MAY/2020 ORAU$1822
02/JUN/2020 - 06/JUN/2020 OR DGAU$1822
09/JUN/2020 - 13/JUN/2020 ORAU$1822
16/JUN/2020 - 20/JUN/2020 ORAU$1822
23/JUN/2020 - 27/JUN/2020 OR DGAU$1822
30/JUN/2020 - 04/JUL/2020 OR DGAU$1822
07/JUL/2020 - 11/JUL/2020 OR DGAU$1822
14/JUL/2020 - 18/JUL/2020 OR DGAU$1822
21/JUL/2020 - 25/JUL/2020 ORAU$1822
28/JUL/2020 - 01/AUG/2020 ORAU$1822
04/AUG/2020 - 08/AUG/2020 ORAU$1822
11/AUG/2020 - 15/AUG/2020 ORAU$1822
18/AUG/2020 - 22/AUG/2020 ORAU$1822
25/AUG/2020 - 29/AUG/2020 ORAU$1822
01/SEP/2020 - 05/SEP/2020 ORAU$1822
08/SEP/2020 - 12/SEP/2020 ORAU$1822
15/SEP/2020 - 19/SEP/2020 OR DGAU$1822
22/SEP/2020 - 26/SEP/2020 ORAU$1822
29/SEP/2020 - 03/OCT/2020 ORAU$1822