Broome to Perth Overland

Day 1: Broome to the Pilbra Region

Welcome to the pearling town of Broome, where your Western Australian adventure begins. Those keen on beach-lazing might like to arrive a few days earlier, as the local beaches are superb. Depart Broome and cross the Great Sandy Desert, calling in at Eighty Mile Beach for a stroll along the white sand. From here travel south, passing through the mining city of Port Hedland, where you can witness the enormity of the iron ore industry. Spend the night on a station in the Pilbara Region.

Day 2: Karajini National Park

This morning we head toward Karijini National Park with a stop in Port Headland to check out the iron ore mecca of Australia. If time permits, we may duck into one of the Gorge's this afternoon. If not, we'll set up camp in the National Park and get a good nights rest before we head in for a full day of exploring tomorrow.

Day 3: Karijini National Park

This, without any doubt, is one of Australia’s most magnificent national parks (and it’s not like Australia has any shortage of them). Freshwater springs trickle through chasms to form translucent rock pools, walking trails weave between dramatic rock ravines.. Spend a full day exploring the gorges, gullies and secluded swimming spots of Karijini. Weano Gorge, Hancock Gorge, Dales Gorge and Oxers Lookout are just some of the better-known sites we’ll get to.

Day 4: Karijini National Park

Pack up your towel and walking shoes and head out for another day exploring Karijini with your guide. Anything you didn’t tick off the list yesterday you can chase up today – whether it’s a snooze in the sun or a strenuous trek to a lookout. Swim in waterholes, hike along rocky trails and splash about in waterfalls. Paradise!

Day 5: Exmouth

Today is a long day of driving (approximately 6-7 hours in total). Leaving Karijini, travel through the vast bushland and cattle stations of the Pilbara region. This sparsely populated region is known for its red earth and rich mineral deposits. Spend the night at an exclusive campsite at Yardie Creek in the Cape Range National Park, near Exmouth.

Day 6: Exmouth

Enjoy a day of freedom and relaxation. Depending on the season, you’ll have the option to snorkel or scuba dive in search of whale sharks or manta rays, the largest rays in the world. Perhaps take a walk to Vlamingh Head Lighthouse, or soak up the sun on the pristine beach at Turquoise Bay. In the afternoon, take a short trip to beautiful Coral Bay.

Day 7: Coral Bay

If you didn’t squeeze a snorkel in yesterday, today you get to; if you did, you get another one. Everyone wins. Ningaloo Reef is one of the world’s largest fringeing reefs, meaning that it starts practically from the water’s edge. You just swim out from shore and suddenly you’re in a world of coral, fish, turtles and manta rays. Swimming above these enormous majestic creatures is really something else, they might even put on an acrobatics show for you! Not much of a swimmer? There’s also the option of taking in the scene on a glass bottom boat tour, along with many other optional activities. We'll introduce you to the friendly staff at Coral Bay Eco Tours.

Day 8: Monkey Mia

Today we cross over the Tropic of Capricorn. You probably won’t notice it, but what crossing this latitude means is that from here on south the sun will never be directly above you. You should still wear a hat though. Main stop for the day is Shell Beach, which, much as name would suggest, is a beach made of shells. What’s quite incredible about the place however is the amount of shells there are. Locals have been using them in various industries for years, yet they still cover a stretch 60 km long and up to 7 metres deep. Tonight we stay in Monkey Mia.

Day 9: Kalbarri

This morning, check out Monkey Mia – part of the Peron Peninsula, which extends into part of the Indian Ocean known as Shark Bay. This popular spot is known for its friendly local marine life. Afterwards, continue on your road trip down the west Australian coast with a short drive across the Eastern Peninsula. See stromatolites, the oldest living organisms in the world, then head south for Kalbarri. Time permitting, there’ll be a stop-off along the way at Murchison Gorge, where there’s the opportunity to admire the landscape through Nature’s Window.

Day 10: Nambung National Park to Perth

It’s a driving day today, but a spectacular one. Cruising through the coastal gorges of Kalbarri National Park, we come to the quaint coastal town of Dongara, which sits at the head of the Irwin River. Anyone keen to give sandboarding a shot will get the chance at Sandy Cape/Lancelin, a vast sand desert peopled by the strange limestone structures of the Pinnacles Nambung NP. After a walk around here it’s on to Perth, where this adventure winds up.

Start date - End date Trip Status Price
16/APR/2020 - 25/APR/2020 FS DGAU$2145
23/APR/2020 - 02/MAY/2020 FS DGAU$2145
30/APR/2020 - 09/MAY/2020 FS DGAU$2145
07/MAY/2020 - 16/MAY/2020 FS DGAU$1930
14/MAY/2020 - 23/MAY/2020 FS DGAU$1930
21/MAY/2020 - 30/MAY/2020 FS DGAU$1930
28/MAY/2020 - 06/JUN/2020 FS DGAU$1930
04/JUN/2020 - 13/JUN/2020 FS DGAU$1930
11/JUN/2020 - 20/JUN/2020 FS DGAU$1930
18/JUN/2020 - 27/JUN/2020 FS DGAU$1930
25/JUN/2020 - 04/JUL/2020 FS DGAU$1930
02/JUL/2020 - 11/JUL/2020 FS DGAU$1930
09/JUL/2020 - 18/JUL/2020 FS DGAU$1930
16/JUL/2020 - 25/JUL/2020 FS DGAU$1930
23/JUL/2020 - 01/AUG/2020 FS DGAU$1930
30/JUL/2020 - 08/AUG/2020 FS DGAU$1930
06/AUG/2020 - 15/AUG/2020 FS DGAU$1930
13/AUG/2020 - 22/AUG/2020 FS DGAU$1930
20/AUG/2020 - 29/AUG/2020 FS DGAU$1930
27/AUG/2020 - 05/SEP/2020 FS DGAU$1930
03/SEP/2020 - 12/SEP/2020 FS DGAU$1930
10/SEP/2020 - 19/SEP/2020 FS DGAU$1930
17/SEP/2020 - 26/SEP/2020 FS DGAU$1930
24/SEP/2020 - 03/OCT/2020 FS DGAU$1930
01/OCT/2020 - 10/OCT/2020 FS DGAU$1930
08/OCT/2020 - 17/OCT/2020 FS DGAU$1930
15/OCT/2020 - 24/OCT/2020 FS DGAU$1930
22/OCT/2020 - 31/OCT/2020 FS DGAU$1930
29/OCT/2020 - 07/NOV/2020 FS DGAU$1930
01/APR/2021 - 10/APR/2021 FSAU$2145
08/APR/2021 - 17/APR/2021 FSAU$2145
15/APR/2021 - 24/APR/2021 FSAU$2145
22/APR/2021 - 01/MAY/2021 FSAU$2145
29/APR/2021 - 08/MAY/2021 FSAU$2145
06/MAY/2021 - 15/MAY/2021 FSAU$2145
13/MAY/2021 - 22/MAY/2021 FSAU$2145
20/MAY/2021 - 29/MAY/2021 FSAU$2145
27/MAY/2021 - 05/JUN/2021 FSAU$2145
03/JUN/2021 - 12/JUN/2021 FSAU$2145
10/JUN/2021 - 19/JUN/2021 FSAU$2145
17/JUN/2021 - 26/JUN/2021 FSAU$2145
24/JUN/2021 - 03/JUL/2021 FSAU$2145
01/JUL/2021 - 10/JUL/2021 FSAU$2145
08/JUL/2021 - 17/JUL/2021 FSAU$2145
15/JUL/2021 - 24/JUL/2021 FSAU$2145
22/JUL/2021 - 31/JUL/2021 FSAU$2145
29/JUL/2021 - 07/AUG/2021 FSAU$2145
05/AUG/2021 - 14/AUG/2021 FSAU$2145
12/AUG/2021 - 21/AUG/2021 FSAU$2145
19/AUG/2021 - 28/AUG/2021 FSAU$2145
26/AUG/2021 - 04/SEP/2021 FSAU$2145
02/SEP/2021 - 11/SEP/2021 FSAU$2145
09/SEP/2021 - 18/SEP/2021 FSAU$2145
16/SEP/2021 - 25/SEP/2021 FSAU$2145
23/SEP/2021 - 02/OCT/2021 FSAU$2145
30/SEP/2021 - 09/OCT/2021 FSAU$2145
07/OCT/2021 - 16/OCT/2021 FSAU$2145
14/OCT/2021 - 23/OCT/2021 FSAU$2145
21/OCT/2021 - 30/OCT/2021 FSAU$2145
28/OCT/2021 - 06/NOV/2021 FSAU$2145
04/NOV/2021 - 13/NOV/2021 FSAU$2145
11/NOV/2021 - 20/NOV/2021 FSAU$2145
18/NOV/2021 - 27/NOV/2021 FSAU$2145
25/NOV/2021 - 04/DEC/2021 FSAU$2145
02/DEC/2021 - 11/DEC/2021 FSAU$2145
09/DEC/2021 - 18/DEC/2021 FSAU$2145
16/DEC/2021 - 25/DEC/2021 FSAU$2145
23/DEC/2021 - 01/JAN/2022 FSAU$2145
30/DEC/2021 - 08/JAN/2022 FSAU$2145