How We Give Back​

With great travel comes great responsibility, and Back Track Adventures work hard to ensure the impact we have on the communities we visit is positive and sustainable.

On our Back Track trips, you can rest assured that your visit is part of a larger collaborative effort between us and the local community. A few notable projects we are involved in are outlined below. If you’d like more information, please get in touch


Light Up Naduri

Back Track Adventures, through our Kokoda Treks, is the major employer and therefore the major source of income for the people of Naduri village. Currently we employ approximately 120 people from the village. There welfare and that of their families is important to us. 

We are respectful of supporting their lifestyle; we are one of only two companies that currently recognise the Sabbath and do not trek on this day. Now, we are actively involved in improving the living conditions of the residents of Naduri village.

In October 2018, we installed 43 solar powered lights in homes in the Naduri Village, which is made up of approximately 500 people. This made an extremely positive impact on the local community. It enabled students to study at night, a safe clean source of light other than a smoke environment and will encourage more productive time for family and the community.

Josh Niven, the elected ward representative said, “We were born in darkness and now we have light.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all the friends of Back Track who donated a little and a lot to fund this project.
On the first night of light, people could be heard calling from home to home in local Motu language… we are happy, we are happy.

This project was completed in cooperation and partnership with the Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF). 


Giving Back in Nepal 

We are one of the only Australian-based trekking companies with a permanent office in Nepal. Our Nepal office play a lead role in the activities and practices of the Sustainable Tourism Network in Nepal, as well as other local sustainable tourism initiatives. Our treks, such as the Annapurna Community Lodge and Everest High Passes trek, actively work to bring tourism dollars into different regions of Nepal, growing the local economies and benefiting the local people.They also work hard to ensure the local environment is cared for and preserved. 

We are passionate about travel – and we’re even more passionate about taking you on great adventures around the world.