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For the first time ever, our beloved directors Jim and Marianne are joining forces with friends of the business Australian Desert Expeditions for a walk through the Simpson Desert.

This is a very popular walk with Australian Desert Expeditions and first-time trekkers, as it gives them enough time to fully unwind and adjust to the gentle pace of desert time whilst discovering the ecological diversity of the Simpson.

The western Simpson Desert – especially the area to the north and east of Old Andado Station – has a long and rich history of scientific work.

Exploring many of the diverse landscapes found across this corner of the Northern Territory we will be conducting surveys focused on recording the presence (and absence) of fauna and flora after a period of sustained above-average annual rainfall in 2016 and again in early 2017. We hope to visit ephemeral wetlands, breakaway rocky country, dune fields and plains to conduct mammal, reptile, bird and plant surveys, as well as assess the impact of feral predators (i.e. cats and foxes) and wildfires.

The landscape consists of towering red-crimson dunes, wide inter-dune corridors, small (usually dry!) creeks and scattered timber of Coolibah, Bloodwood and Mulga. Spinifex is the dominant plant species, however much of this hardy plant was destroyed in the 2011/12 bushfires, and many of the dunes and swales are now virtually spinifex-free, which besides making for easier walking, has created a whole ‘new’ ecosystem.

Walking in this landscape is on firm sand and occasional claypans and gibber flats. The western Simpson will be dry and mostly devoid of any wildflowers unless there has been sufficient rain in March/early April, in which case a profusion of yellow flowers such as poached-egg daisy & ‘Yellowtop’ will be covering the landscape, and supplying our camels with fresh feed.

This is the classic Simpson Desert Experience!

– All specialist safety equipment & communications

– Swags & tents

– Trek kit bag for your personal gear

– Desert silence!

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    Start Monday May 10, 2021
    End Monday May 17, 2021
    6 - 12 Pax
    Available Seats: 12

    Adult ( 6 - 12 Pax ) $6,640.00 /Person

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