Manaslu Base Camp & Lakya La

Manaslu provides fantastic mountain scenery, spanning altitudes from 375m to 5100m, a diverse range of ecosystems and ethnic cultures, and a trail that puts one physically closer to Tibet than any other trek in Nepal. This area has always seen relatively few trekkers when compared to the more popular regions of the Annapurna and the Khumbu, partly because of the greater logistics required. The quiet trails and simple villages, together with […]

Trek with Kylie and get up close and personal with Mt Everest!

If you’ve been thinking of an adventure that could change the way you see the world… or just want to have something to boast about at the Christmas party, then get packed, we’re going to: Hike up the Gokyo Valley with its stunning high altitude lakes; Trek to the top of Gokyo Ri at 5360m and Kala Pattar at 5545m for breathtaking scenery; Walk on centuries old Glacier; Get up […]


At Back Track Adventures ‘trekking’ is our middle name. We have been trekking the globe for over 33 years. Our leaders have trekked everywhere from Nepal to Kokoda, and if they are not trekking, they are training for a trek. Find out more about our locations and challenge yourself! We also do private group tours. Come with us … it’s a big world out there and we would be delighted […]