Mountain Biking in NepalThe Kathmandu Valley is a living museum of Hindu and Buddhist temples, sweeping, terraced rice paddies and steep, forested hill sides.

Quiet laneways and rough, jeep tracks link areas of rural habitation – ideal mountain biking territory!  Your journey will take you through authentic villages inhabited by the friendliest people you could hope to meet. Back Track has a range of rides suitable from beginner to expert.

All trips include: hard tail bike (full suspension bike is available on request at an extra cost), helmet, Nepali lunch, pre-ride briefing and Mountain Bike Trail Leader.

Bring: camera, water, sun screen and a great attitude.

TECHNICAL LEVEL: 1-10 – 1 being easy and 10 being downright scary, however routes can be modified to suit individual levels.

Botanical Garden

This 35km ride passes through the ancient temple area of Patan before entering rural villages and farmlands. The trail climbs to the temple of Vishankhu Narayan then a long downhill to the beautiful Botanical Gardens of Godavari. Lunch is taken at the 20km mark. Just before the end we pass through a maze of alleyways; keep up or you’ll need to solve the maze yourself.


Magical Marijuana Loop

This 20km ride is mainly along jeep tracks and single tracks mixed with some technical sections – a chance to make a few jumps if you’re up to it. The first highlight is Khokana village, famous for mustard oil and Hindu temples. Stop for lunch at the  village of Bungamati, well known for the Karya Binayak and Rato Machhindranath temples, very popular shrines to the local Newari community.


S Square Mountains

As the ride starts far from our base, we drive to the start point and the bikes are transported by truck. The ride starts with a 3km climb on a jeep track that’s tough at times. The track levels out through lush, green forest with views down to the Kathmandu Valley. The descent from our high point is partly technical but mostly smooth and the jeep track has a nice flow with jumps and lovely turns.


The Heritage Ride

Heritage is basically a fun ride that will take you through interesting jeep tracks and villages along the way. This ride gets you close to the local culture of the open and friendly inhabitants. We stop for lunch at an organic farm; the fresh green salad and the herbal tea served here is amazing. A short ride takes us to the township of Thimi. The craftsmen here are renowned for their pottery, which is exported worldwide.


The Signature Businessmen’s ride

This 3-4hr ride heads past Tribhuvan University then onto the ancient town of Kirtipur. We pass by monasteries, temples and churches along the way which defines the rich religious and cultural mix of Nepal. As we ride further through the valley we find people involved in their daily life such as agriculture, live- stock farming and wood carving; typical examples of the lifestyle of the local Newari community. Other highlights include the famous bird watching area of Taudhara and Chobar Gorge!


Biking Ant Hill @ Gyan Farm  3 days – SPECIAL NEW TRIP

Nepal is layered all the way from 70m to the top of the world in a width of about 250kms. Where the foothills rise from the plains, about 90kms from Kathmandu down a historic windy road in a small oasis of green lies a small organic farm with seven rooms, some tent space and a spring fed dip pool. Around it are world class biking trails crisscrossing the rolling hills, making it one of the best locations for a three day biking holiday in Nepal. We start the holiday by driving to Chandragiri at the rim of the Kathmandu Valley then ride down to the famous village of Chitlang, the last night halt in the days when cars were carried into Kathmandu. After a short stop to check out the goat cheese farm, we continue to Kulekhani Reservoir for a swim if it’s not too cold. Refreshed, we pack out bikes on the ute and continue to drive to Gyan Farm. The next day, we have the option of riding short, medium or long trails, technical or non-technical depending on riding abilities; from the beautiful downhill from Ant Hill, from Driver Danda to the Tiger Trail Forest single-tracks where one could spend the whole day zipping amongst the trees. The organic BBQ at the end of the day is well worth it. On day three, we conduct an optional morning ride and then drive back to Kathmandu, with a head full of memories, a pleasantly weary body, and a sore backside.


1. Continue it with a jungle experience for three nights in Chitwan with guaranteed sightings of the Asiatic one horned Rhino, and fingers crossed, a Royal Bengal Tiger.

2. Drive back on the main highway back to Kathmandu, with an overnight stopover at Brigands Bend, and top your biking holiday with a breathtaking ride, the Temple Run, where you take the bike up on a cable car to the temple of the wish fulfilling god, Manakamana and ride down to the Resort by the river.

TECHNICAL LEVEL: Various  |  COST: Contact us

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